Interview with Dave and Jenni Leefe (The Unborn Protection League - 9.24.2006)

Christian Activist Pro-Life News: A New Pro-Lifer by David A. Leefe - The Unborn Protection League

Volume 4, Issue 34 -- September 24, 2006

Dave and Jenni Leefe,  the Unborn Protection League and Church Without Walls
January 22nd 2004 

A New Pro-Lifer

By David A. Leefe - The Unborn Protection League

I had heard about abortion

But only knew a portion

I thought it was the mother’s choice

Not to deliver the fetus who had no voice.

Then one day the Lord made it clear,

That fetuses were babies who to him were very dear.

I knew that something must be done

But what can I do, I’m only one.

I knew that I needed to spread the word,

So that the voiceless could be heard.

I went down to the abortion mill

Which is where they murder babies at will.

I joined the other Pro-Lifers there

To let the mothers know that we care.

And even though we offer help and support

Most of the mothers still go in, their babies to abort.

The abortion counselors give their sales presentation

They pretend that they care about the mother’s situation.

They don’t tell them about the physical harm and depression

You see this is a business that fears no economic recession.

They’ll kill that baby in the womb

And behind the building is a dumpster that will be that child’s tomb.

So onward Christian soldiers marching as to war

With the cross of Jesus going on before.

Truth is a very powerful sword

The truth that has been given to us by the Lord.

We stand outside planned parenthood’s fence

As the baby’s last line of defense.

We suit up in the armor of God

His truth we bring to that unholy sod.

Jesus gave this message to you and me

“You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free”

The truth is that every day 4,000 babies die

Saying that they’re just a glob of tissue is a lie.

Take a look at a sonogram and you will see

They are itty-bitty humans just like you and me


Dear Friends for Life,

I am blessed to introduce you to Dave and Jenni Leefe who have a pro-life ministry in St. Louis, Mo. called the Unborn Protection League. After reading their interview, please feel free to either call or email them as you will be blessed by their friendship. They are not only dedicated to saving babies from the butchers at Planned Parenthood on the corner of Forest Park and Boyle Avenues in St. Louis, Mo., they are a joy to know as they truly are gentle Christians with hearts full of love for the preborn babies. Here is their story:

Q: Thank you for agreeing to participate in this interview for Christian Activist Pro-Life News. How did you first know that the LORD was calling you to pro-life ministry?

UPL: In August 2002, the Lord spoke directly to me (Dave). He laid before me His plan for my involvement in this battle. When I told my wife Jenni about this, she very enthusiastically agreed to join me in this battle for the lives of the unborn. At this time I knew nothing about abortion. I didn’t know the risks, the procedures, nor had I ever seen a picture of an aborted child. As I began my research, I could not help but be shocked that this travesty was happening in my own backyard, yet I knew nothing of it. The Lord took us straight to the frontlines of the abortion battle, witnessing at the local planned parenthood, offering hope and help to those going in.

Q: How did your family and friends react when you told them what the LORD had put in your heart to do? Are they supportive?

UPL: Initially our friends were very supportive, excited about the vision the Lord had laid before us. As we became more and more involved in the fight for the lives of these precious ones, most of our friends began to hold us at arm’s length, nodding in agreement with our actions, but bewildered at our level of commitment to our ministry. Now most of our friends are those that we have met on the sidewalks, who have their own vision, which happens to coincide with our own. Jenni’s family has been involved in the battle for many years, so they understand our passion for the preborn, and we actually work together on various projects from time to time.

Q: Please tell us about your family and the circumstances of the adoption of your son Benjamin?

UPL: We met Benjamin’s mother one Saturday morning as she was entering planned parenthood, planning on murdering him that day. She heard the pleas of the saints, and our words pierced her heart. God moved mightily in saving Benjamin’s life that day, and as we worked to help his mother with her needs, she requested help in putting him up for adoption. She was compelled to choose his family, and as she began the process of making this enormous decision, we let her know that we would be happy to adopt him as well. After much contemplation, she asked us to take him. His adoption was final on December 2, 2005. He will turn 2 on October 7, and he, along with his big brother Andrew, come with us to witness at the clinic on a regular basis.

Q: For those who are new to the pro-life movement, please tell us about witnessing at the abortion mill in St. Louis, Mo.? What types of material do you give to the parents going in Planned Parenthood to kill their children? Do you use the graphic aborted baby signs?

UPL: Many people take many parts in the battle. Some hold signs, some don’t. We personally DO hold the graphic signs, we have found that the graphic truth of abortion changes many hearts, and many babies are saved through them. We hand out both Gospel tracts and abortion-related material. We feel it is important for those entering the death camps to know about the development of the baby, the risks involved to the woman, as well as the physical devastation caused to the child. That being said, we feel it is IMPERATIVE for those entering to understand how God feels about abortion, as well as the spiritual devastation caused to the parents.

Q: What are some of the consequences you have experienced because of your Christian witness to protect the preborn babies from death?

UPL: Much has been personally sacrificed in order to continue our constant witness outside these gates of hell. But those things are unimportant compared to the value of that tiny baby, or of his parent’s soul, and the Lord continues to show us different avenues to meet the needs of those things we no longer have. Alienation from other “Christians” has been a constant factor in our lives, because we unashamedly reveal the truth of this national holocaust which is tolerated on a daily basis by our American churches.

Q: Please tell us a little about "The Unborn Protection League" and why you founded this ministry?

UPL: The Unborn Protection League is a vehicle through which we can rabidly carry out the calling that Jesus gave us in 2002. It is largely a streets ministry, which not only stands as a last line of defense for the children at the planned parenthood in St. Louis, but strives to educate the public to the evils of abortion, and to expose those who participate in the heinous murder of these precious children.

Q: Do you have support from the churches in the St. Louis area?

UPL: There are a handful of churches in our area that morally support our actions, but by and large the church has turned a blind eye to the devastation of abortion, therefore, our pleas for the innocent fall on deaf ears. We do, however, have a wonderful support system from our pastor and congregation. It is something of a rarity to find a church willing to listen to the truth, and then stand behind those in the battle.

Q: How has the pro-life movement affected your life?

UPL: We no longer sleep in on Saturday mornings, not do we attend Sunday School picnics, little league baseball games, scouting events, or prayer meetings on Saturday mornings. This is all part of the commitment required for our battle. We also get the joy of waking up each morning to the happy calls of a child who was spared from this atrocity.

Q: And last, but not least, please tell us how we can pray for you and support your ministry?

UPL: We are constantly coming against Spiritual warfare. Prayers are coveted for our health (Dave is having total hip replacement surgery 9/25), our direction, and our strength in this battle, because lives are at stake every day as we stand witness outside these gates of hell. We depend on the Lord to lead those who would support us.


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