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Trump Defends IVF, Calls For Alabama To Pass Protections

 By Ray Fava - Posted at Evangelical Dark Web: In recent years, there has been a major push in Evangelicalism to call out the practice of in-vitro fertilization (IVF) because of its industry practice of aborting more babies than are born . and this issue has become a major sticking point for the pro-life movement as the prominence of IVF and surrogacy rise with affluent homoerotic vanity and celebrity trends. Simply put, one cannot be pro-life and support this industry at any level of the supply chain. Donating to sperm banks for a quick buck is not pro-life. Selling donor eggs, knowing that they will be used to create discarded embryos is not pro-life. Selling one’s womb to gestate someone else’s child in an abortion-laden industry is not pro-life. The commoditization of human embryos is intertwined with abortion, only that the customers treat their biological offspring as eggs to make an omelet, leaving a body count in their wake. Read more here. Direct Youtube Link:  Trump says he

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