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FALSELY-NAMED “HUMAN LIFE PROTECTION ACT” H3774 PASSES SC HOUSE SUBCOMMITTEE – JAN 26, 2023  Posted February 1. 2023 - Edited/Revised February 2, 2023 Christians for Personhood Columbia, SC Excerpt:  So, in conclusion, H3774 would ban approximately 97% of surgical and RU486 “abortions” in SC, and thus would likely shut down such “abortions” at the Planned Parenthood murder mills in Columbia and Charleston, and would likely stop nearly all such “abortions” at the Greenville murder mill. However, surgical and RU486 “abortions” only account for an estimated 10-20% of the total number of “abortions”. The other estimated 80-90% is from birth control which can function abortifaciently, TO WHICH THIS UNRIGHTEOUS BILL H3774 IN ITS PRESENT FORM AS FILED ON JANUARY 24, 2023, AND AS PASSED BY THE SC HOUSE JUDICIARY CONSTITUTIONAL LAWS SUBCOMMITTEE ON JANUARY 26, 2023 (SC Legislature Archived Video ), WOULD EXPAND AVAILABILITY AND ACCESSIBILITY, EVEN TO DEPENDENTS (YOUTH) THROUGH SC PEBA AND TH

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