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Illinois: Pro-Life Rally Shuts Down Capitol

From Rev. Bob Vanden Bosch of Concerned Christian Ministries:

Rally Shuts Down Capitol!!!

Attacks on Pastors and Churches!

Dear Friends,

A Secretary of Police Officer I talked to said that they estimated a crowd of over 4,000 people. Most of the legislators I talked to were very impressed and very encouraged at the large turnout. A number of friends of mine from northern Illinois could not get into the capitol because of the crowds. (The Secretary of Police stopped people from coming in because of the crowd size.)

When you come to the Capitol to lobby, I would urge you to be considerate and kind to EVERYONE!!! Most legislators had glowing statements about the crowd, although one (who was already with us on the votes) felt somewhat threatened by some of those who spoke to him. I would urge you to remember the grace and mercy God has showed to you as a sinner--and treat other sinners with grace and mercy as well!!!

SB 1594, Repealing Parental Notification of Abortion, passed out of the…

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