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Pro-lifers slam RNC’s ‘worst platform I’ve ever seen’ at National Conservatism Conference

By Calvin Freiburger - Posted at LifeSiteNews : Published July 12, 2024 'Pro-life panelists at the National Conservatism Conference warned that Republicans leaving abortion for the states to fight over is unsustainable with the Biden administration doing all it can to force abortion-on-demand through federal power.' WASHINGTON, D.C. ( LifeSiteNews ) — Conservatives continue to register disapproval with the Republican Party’s new platform dramatically weakening its commitment to the pro-life cause at the federal level, with a panel at the recent National Conservatism Conference agreeing that it fails to account for the ambitions of the abortion lobby. As previously covered by LifeSiteNews, the Republican National Convention’s Platform Committee voted 84-14 in a closed-door session to approve a dramatically shortened platform drafted by allies of former President and presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. Among other changes, it cuts the GOP’s longstanding sup

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