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It Took 224 Years To Abolish U.S. Slavery. Overturning Roe Has Just Begun

By Brenna Lewis - Posted at The Federalist:

Roe v. Wade turns 46 this year, an age that may seem daunting to a vast generation of young pro-life advocates like myself. After all, we are the first few generations who have only known legalized abortion.

Those who understand and respect the science regarding the preborn have had to live our entire lives with the knowledge that abortion has eliminated the equivalent of 18 percent of the current U.S. population. We’ve had to deal with a sort of “survivor’s guilt,” wondering why we are here while others are not.

But as the battle for life wages on, pro-life activists and missionaries can draw inspiration from the generations of civil rights heroes who came before us and made sure that the only thing needed to grant us human rights is our humanity.

The issue of abortion is not over, even as abortion advocates seem to increasingly rely on pushing the idea that pro-lifers should just “get over it” because legislation and Supreme Court rulings are …

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