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Healthy Twins Survive Chemical Abortion After Planned Parenthood Failed to Disclose Second Child In Utero

By Katie Franklin - Posted at Pregnancy Help News: Recently, a Tennessee woman gave birth to healthy twin babies who miraculously survived a chemical abortion attempt at a Knoxville, TN, Planned Parenthood. The incredible story of these miracle babies, as told by one pro-life physician, underscores just how sorely the abortion giant fails to meet the needs of women, both from a medical standpoint and a human one. Displaying obvious ineptitude from the start, the nation’s largest abortion business only informed the woman she was pregnant with twins after the chemical abortion she’d been given by Planned Parenthood staff failed. Furthermore, at her initial visit to the Planned Parenthood facility, the staff misinformed her about the basic biological development happening within her seven-week pregnancy, stating that it was too early for a heartbeat and that it was “just cardiac activity” they were seeing. Pro-life physician Brent Boles, who helped the woman following her failed abor

Why Do Pro-Life Leaders Demand Sanitizing Instead Of Ending Mass Murder?

Image: Larry W. Kane for Shaw Media Source: The Herald By James Silberman - Posted at The Federalist: When pro-life leaders get more upset over an abortionist keeping corpses in his home than they do over the murder of innocent babies, they legitimize abortion — and show themselves to be cowards. Imagine a world where bold men and women react to former abortionist Ulrich Klopfer keeping thousands of corpses in his house by bringing that horror to bear on the Indiana legislature and the Supreme Court for sanctioning the murders. These men and women demand the establishment of equal justice and protection for all. They speak prophetically to a wicked and perverse generation that legalizes and regulates the exploits of serial killers. They call for the total and immediate abolition of prenatal murder. But alas, the world in which we live bears no semblance. We live in a world where pro-life politicians and lobbyists express outrage at a serial killer for his regula

How Will We Care for the “Extra” Children? Posted at If abortion were outlawed, what would the social ramifications be? C.S. Lewis once observed that, "when a thing has to be attempted, one must never think about possibility or impossibility."1 We express the same sentiment with the age-old adage, necessity is the mother of invention. When something must be done, it's no good arguing why it can't be done. One of the clearest expressions of this sentiment in the context of public policy comes from the 1772 Somersett verdict that outlawed slavery in England. Lord Mansfield declared that, "we feel the force of the inconveniences and consequences that will follow the decision [to abolish slavery]. Yet all of us are so clearly of one opinion upon the only question before us, that we think we ought to give judgment."2 He went on to declare that, "the state of slavery is of such a nature, that it is incapable of now being introduced by Courts of Justice upon mere rea

The changing face of abortion in the US

By Jesse Johnson - Posted at The Cripplegate: This last decade has seen substantial changes to the way abortion is perceived in the United States. These changes are essential for those in the pro-life movement to understand. Ten years ago, a typical woman who pursued abortion was a first-time mom. If not a teenager, she was almost certainly single, perhaps even a college student. She usually took ten days from the time she found out she was pregnant to her decision to abort the baby. In those ten days she might have asked friends or people she trusted for advice. A typical abortion was referred to as “surgical,” took place in an abortion clinic, and the mother would have had fairly limited knowledge of the baby’s development. Seeing an ultrasound would have had a substantial mitigating effect on the decision to have an abortion. Some studies even suggested that 90% of abortion minded-women changed their mind after seeing an ultrasound. Today, all of these dynamics are different.

Excellent Resource: 'Outlaw Abortion' To put it simply, abortion is murder. It is the killing of an innocent child, and it is the government’s ordained role by God to uphold His law (Romans 13). The purpose of this page is to unite Christians worldwide to call upon government to rightfully protect those in the most dangerous place in the world today—the womb. Source: