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Missouri Senate passes budget defunding Planned Parenthood

By Cassy Fiano-Chesser - Posted at Live Action : With just weeks left in the legislative session, the Missouri Senate has passed a $46 billion budget proposal, which now must be approved for the House. The budget includes a ban on state funding being used to reimburse Planned Parenthood, completely defunding the abortion chain within the state of Missouri. Earlier this month, the Missouri House passed a pro-life omnibus bill that has since been sent on to the Senate. That particular bill would defund Planned Parenthood from receiving Medicaid funding and “would ban the mail distribution of the abortion pill, outlaw the donation of fetal tissue, and allow wrongful death lawsuits to be brought against an abortionist if the infant survives the abortion and later dies or is injured. Rapists would be blocked from filing a lawsuit,” according to a previous Live Action News report. Currently, Planned Parenthood receives taxpayer dollars through the state Medicaid program. Though the payme

A Post-Roe Legislative Agenda for Congress

 By Josh Craddock - Posted at Public Discourse : In the event that Roe v. Wade is overturned this summer, pro-life legislators must act to protect human life in the womb. They should introduce legislation to recognize the personhood of the unborn, strip the ability of federal courts to hear challenges to this recognition, create a private right of action to help enforce anti-abortion policy, and use the taxing power to cripple the abortion industry. If the Supreme Court finally overrules Roe v. Wade this summer, Congress will no longer be able to blame the Supreme Court for its inability to act to protect human life in the womb. There will be more pressure than ever on pro-life legislators to take courageous action to support expectant mothers and to protect human life in the womb. What should that post-Roe legislative agenda look like? In addition to legislation that tangibly supports families and expectant mothers , legislators should introduce strong anti-abortion legislation that

California: 'Abortion, COVID protests collide at Capitol'

Protestors gather to rally against Assembly Bill 2223 at the state Capitol in Sacramento on April 19, 2022. Photo by Rahul Lal for CalMatters  By Emily Hoeven - Posted at CalMatters: Published 04.22.2022 IN SUMMARY Abortion rights and COVID-related bills advance in the California Legislature despite loud protests in opposition. Hundreds of protesters descended on the state Capitol on Tuesday for two separate rallies to oppose abortion- and COVID-related bills facing key votes in the Legislature — underscoring the extent to which some California voters are dissatisfied with the policy proposals emanating out of Sacramento. Read more here. See also: Legislative Bombshell: Bill to Decriminalize Killing Newborns Introduced  (California Family Council)

The abortion industry’s profits on the abortion pill skyrocket while they beg for more taxpayer funding

By Carole Novielli - Posted at Live Action News : The consumer cost for the abortion pill has skyrocketed by over 13% in recent years, all while the industry has simultaneously eliminated costly and potentially lifesaving testing and exams for abortion pill clients. As the amount of money paid by abortion pill clients rises, the abortion industry frequently purchases abortion pills for less than $100, revealing an obvious profit motive. Now, rather than scold abortion profiteers for gouging their clients, newly published research from the pro-abortion group Advancing New Standards in Reproductive Health ( ANSIRH ), is pointing to these increases as a call for access to taxpayer dollars to finance abortion. The study, “Trends In Self-Pay Charges And Insurance Acceptance For Abortion In The United States, 2017–20,” was published in an article presented at the Virtual Annual Meeting of the National Abortion Federation (NAF), May 12, 2021, and funded by ANSIRH. There, the group concluded

Oklahoma Governor Stitt Signs Near-Total [ Surgical, RU-486 ] Abortion Ban Into Law – April 12, 2022

 Posted at Christians for Personhood: Oklahoma Governor Stitt Signs Near-Total [ Surgical, RU-486 ] Abortion Ban Into Law – April 12, 2022; However OK  SB  612  Falls Short of Fully Establishing Justice and Equal Protection of the Laws OK SB 612 Bans Surgical and RU-486 “Abortion” Procedures in Nearly All Cases, Except for so-called “Medical Emergency” OK SB 612 does  NOT  Recognize in Law the God-given, Inherent and Unalienable  “Personhood”  of the Unborn OK SB 612 does  NOT  Criminalize the Mother’s Culpability in Killing Her Own Child OK SB 612 does  NOT  Ban Chemically Abortifacient “Birth Control” ( so-called “Contraceptives”  [sic]  ), which is reliably estimated  to cause multiple times more the number of “abortions” than do surgical and RU-486 “abortions”. Read more...

Baby dies after mother given abortion pill by hospital at 30 weeks pregnant, thought she was 12 weeks pregnant

 Posted at Pregnancy Help News: ( NRLC ) A tragic reminder of what can happen when abortion-minded women are guessing about how far along in pregnancy they are. News from England about how a woman took the abortion pill believing she was just 12 weeks pregnant but was actually 30 weeks pregnant. She delivered her very compromised baby—who they named “Ronnie”– who survived only four days after his delivery. “[T]he mum from East Yorkshire gave birth in a toilet at York Hospital after taking abortion medicine,” James Campbell and Phil Norris reported. “Distressing evidence was heard at the inquest in Hull on Monday with no family present and all evidence was in written form, Hull Live reports .” The mother had gone to York Hospital on October 26, 2021, where she took the abortion pill. “But scans were either not carried out or were done erroneously. The mum gave birth to the baby in the hospital toilet after taking the drug mifepristone” according to Campbell and Norris’s account. Read


By Cheryl Sullenger - Posted at Operation Rescue: Kansas City, KS – Planned Parenthood Great Plains (PPGP) is seeking to surreptitiously open a new abortion facility in Kansas City, Kansas, by concealing its plans under a shell company that shares an address with PPGP’s Overland Park business office and abortion facility. The deal was first discovered by the Kansas City-based group Planned Parenthood Exposed, whose president, Ron Kelsey, laid out the scheme in an April 5, 2022, press release . A company called HealthTec Initiatives LLC purchased property located at 6013 Leavenworth Road in Kansas City, Kansas, for Planned Parenthood Great Plains and conducted renovations under the HealthTec Initiatives name to conceal the fact that the building would soon become a “full spectrum of care” Planned Parenthood abortion facility. Read more... HT: Columbia Christians for Life

Top 10 Reasons to Say NO to School Health Clinics

 By Linda Harvey - Posted at Mission America : Schools have one job: academics. Housing, feeding, clothing, college, religious training and health care for children are responsibilities solely in the purview of parents/guardians. Governor Mike DeWine recently announced nearly $26 million allocated to 136 new or expanded school health clinics in Ohio. He thinks that’s a good thing. This is, by the way, mostly federal money from the Biden administration’s American Rescue Plan . The $26 million is on top of hundreds of millions DeWine has allocated over recent years for expanded mental health and substance abuse counseling in schools, and we hear that many new school counselors and social workers are being hired in Ohio school districts. DeWine says the purpose is to support the “ whole child .” But that’s not any school’s role. School-based health clinics are the practical application of the high-risk “social emotional learning” fad and go way beyond the role of the typical school nu

Pro-Life Group Intercepts Box of 115 Aborted Babies, Alleges Crimes by Clinic: 'We Will Not Stay Silent'

 By Michael Foust - Posted at Christian Headlines: [Christian Headlines] Editor’s Note, April 8, 2022: This article contains graphic descriptions of aborted fetuses that some readers may find upsetting. A pro-life group that collected the bodies of more than 100 aborted babies from a medical waste box outside a Washington D.C. abortion clinic is urging the police to investigate the facility due to the age of some of the fetuses. Members of Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising (PAAU) held a press conference Tuesday in Washington, D.C., and said two of its members – founder and executive director Terrisa Bukovinac and director of activism Lauren Handy – were given a box of 115 fetuses on March 25 outside Washington Surgi-Clinic by a truck driver for Curtis Bay Medical Waste Services. The worker, Bukovinac said, was shocked when he was told what was inside the box. Bukovinac and Handy had approached the man, asking him if they could have one of the two boxes he was collecting. “He asked,

Photojournalists have documented human atrocities – including abortion – for decades

By Carole Novielli - Posted at Live Action : WARNING: This article contains disturbing images. Live Action and Live Action News recently released photo imagery of abortion victims — babies who appear to have been killed late in pregnancy, reportedly connected to the Washington Surgi-Clinic abortion facility after being discovered by pro-life activists in Washington, D.C. The photos have set off a firestorm of controversy, with reactions ranging from support and praise to criticism and hate. But one fact related to all of this is indisputable: using photojournalism to expose human atrocities is not new, and it is important. Read more...