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GRAPHIC WARNING: UNM Fetal Tissue Log Shows 52 Pages Of Horror.

Posted at Abortion on Trial : The below documents show that the remains of approximately 500 aborted babies were obtained by the University of New Mexico. The fetal remains they received were sent to them by Curtis Boyd and his team at Southwestern Women's Options abortion facility in Albuquerque New Mexico. The body parts came from unborn babies in all three trimesters, their gestational ages ranging from just 10 weeks to more than 30 weeks old. Please be advised the content below is extremely graphic and disturbing. Starting with the first written entry, showing skin was taken from an aborted 18wk old, this log shows nothing but barbaric horror. Some pages in the log even specify that intact brain was being requested from unborn babies "24-28 weeks" old. That brain was used for dissection by high-school summer camp students (see pg. 24 below). These records were obtained by authorities for the first times over 4 years ago but the FBI and DOJ chose not to pur

The Light of Nature Testifies

Posted at The Joyful Patriarchy Wife : The law of God is written on the hearts of man. There are certain things that we all know it is wrong to do. We know that it is wrong to lie, wrong to steal, and wrong to unjustly kill others. A person does not have to know God to know that these things are evil. Even Creation testifies to this in the mind of the creature (Cf. Romans 1″). Recently we were ministering at the abortion clinic. We were holding signs with graphic victim images and a young man quickly stopped as he was driving down the street and asked us what we were doing. Most frequently when people do this it is to let us know how they feel and what they think about us being out there. This gentleman was being truly sincere, and he was quite shocked and had never seen or heard anything like this. That may be hard to believe living in America we are inundated with abortion propaganda by the time we are adults. It is in television shows, movies, books, magazines, schools, music

Planned Parenthood: The Legacy of Death and Immorality

By Pastor Brian Schwertley - Posted at Sermon Audio: Preached April 15, 2012 - 65 min. But he that sinneth against me wrongeth his own soul: all they that hate me love death. ~Proverb 8:36 KJV