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South Carolina: Columbia Christians for Life returns to public right-of-way outside Planned Parenthood

'Columbia Christians for Life returns to public right-of-way outside Planned Parenthood killing center, shielded by SC State exemption letter, after Columbia used City's Coronavirus Stay-at-Home order to violate constitutional liberties April 7' ___ Tuesday morning (4/14), Columbia Christians for Life director Steve Lefemine returned to public right-of-way outside Planned Parenthood child-murder center,  one week after City of Columbia MIS-USED CPD law enforcement officers, forcing them to break the law, by forcing several prolifers to leave public right-of-way, ticketing leader of another prolife group, and threatening to ticket Lefemine. After initially pursuing legal counsel with an experienced First Amendment attorney to consider bringing legal action against City of Columbia/officials for this violation of constitutional civil liberties under First Amendment to US Constitution (as expressed repeatedly to CPD officers April 7, e.g., http://christianlife


Columbia, SC April 8, 2020 FAKE "PRO-LIFE" MAJORITY*** "REPUBLICAN" [sic] SC SENATE DEMONSTRATES LACK OF BIBLICAL FEAR OF GOD (AGAIN). ___ ___ ***Normally, full SC Senate is 27 R, 19 D. However April 8, eight Senators were out (1 R, 7 D), so voting on CR was by 26 R, 12 D; Republicans having 2/3+ super-majority. Senate met until after 6pm Wed., passing State Budget CR with "Abortion" and Planned Parenthood funding still in there. NOT ONE SC Senator voted against State Budget CR which funds the shedding of innocent blood and mass-murderers Planned Parenthood ! ___ Senator Cash offered a flawed Amdt (Amdt No. 6, cosponsored by Senator Rice) defunding certain (not all) PEBA "abortions", and defunding Planned Parenthood in the future (but allowing funding to continue while a federal injunction is in place), but withdrew his own Amdt before any vote was taken [ see Video Archives, Senate, April 8 @ - begin 4 hr 4

Babies Saved From Death While Christians Cited, Arrested in Charlotte Amid Stay-at-Home Order

Image Source: Christian News Network By Heather Clark - Posted at Christian News Network: CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A number of Christians in North Carolina were cited and/or arrested on Saturday as they stood spread apart from each other on the sidewalk outside of an abortion facility that remained open and operating during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. In the midst of the citations and arrests, at least two babies were spared from death and one couple reportedly gave their life to Christ. “[I]f the [County] and the State are going to view the abortion clinics as essential, we have to be viewed as essential as well,” said Daniel Park with Cities4Life Charlotte in a post on social media. “Had we not been there, they would have gone into that abortion clinic, likely killed their child and carried that regret with them for the rest of their life.” Cities4Life provides free resources to mothers contemplating abortion, including baby supplies and other goods, and volunteers with th