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By Elisabeth Elliot - Posted at  Elisabeth Elliot Quotes:   “Not long ago Time magazine reported another triumph of modern medical technology. An unborn child, found, by means of a process called amniocentesis, to suffer from Down’s syndrome, was aborted (terminated? quietly done away with? killed?). It was all very safe and scientific and sterile. Not only was there little danger to the mother, there was no harm to the other twin in the mother’s womb. The affected child (Is that an acceptable word? Should I say afflicted? unwanted? undesirable? useless? disposable?) was relieved of its life by being relieved of its lifeblood, which was slowly withdrawn through a long needle which pierced its beating heart. This was called a therapeutic abortion. The word therapeutic means serving to cure or heal. The strange part about this case was that nobody except the aborted child was ill. Who then was cured? Who was healed?” “Dr. Phillip Stubblefield, a gynecologist at Boston’s Massachusetts Ge

SICK: State reports show babies aborted mere days before their due dates

 By Carole Novielli  - Posted at Live Action News: The abortion industry and its friends in the media frequently claim pro-lifers who claim babies can be aborted up to birth are exaggerating. But data from various states is proving the pro-abortion narrative false. Kentucky has indicated that, while a pregnancy lasts for about 40 weeks, the lives of two preborn babies were violently ended by abortion in the state at 37 and 38 weeks gestation in 2019 and two babies were killed by abortion at 35 and 37 weeks gestation in 2017 . Though Kentucky doesn’t specify where the abortions were committed, the reports listed four facilities as committing abortions in 2019: EMW Women’s Center, Norton Hospital, Norton Women’s and Children’s Hospital (NWCH), and the University of Louisville. All but NWCH were listed in 2017 as well. Read more...