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No Politics in the Exam Room?

Leana Wen, MD - Wikipedia By D. Joy Riley MD, MA (Ethics) - Posted at CMDA: One of the many reasons I entered the medical field was because I innocently thought medicine was apolitical. It did not take very long to see—even as a medical student—how very wrong-headed that idea was! So it was with some surprise that I read recently in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) the article about Leana Wen, MD, entitled, “ New Planned Parenthood President: No Politics in the Exam Room .” Dr. Wen is presented as an attractive, young, intelligent and driven woman in the article and its accompanying photo. Her’s is the story of a poor immigrant ascending the ladder of success in record time. The article is replete with details of her accomplishments. That is not all, as there is also an edited version of an interview with her. Her philosophy and political opinions come through loudly and clearly. In fact, the manipulation of language in the article is positively Orwel

FACT: Late-Term Abortions Are Never Medically Necessary

By Lila Rose and Mary Davenport - Posted at The Federalist: New York’s law legalizing abortion after a child’s gestational age of 24 weeks was caught in the crosshairs of President Trump’s state of the union address a few weeks ago. “Lawmakers in New York cheered with delight upon the passage of legislation that would allow a baby to be ripped from the mother’s womb moments before birth,” said the president. Dozens of news outlets rushed to quibble with his words. An NBC “fact check” labeled the statement false. The law allows abortions “after 24 weeks if the fetus is not viable or when it’s necessary to protect the life of the mother,” the fact-checker reported. Defenders of this law and those like it say it is moderate and compassionate, concerned only with making sure women with life-threatening pregnancy complications are not left to die. But if one looks at the medical and legal context for the law and understands what exactly the terms mean, it becomes clear that the re

State-Level Bills to Outlaw Abortion, Criminalize as Murder Growing Nationwide

By Heather Clark - Posted at Christian News Network: The number of state-level bills being presented to outlaw abortion is increasing nationwide, with more lawmakers submitting legislation to ignore and defy Roe. Idaho, Texas, Oklahoma, South Carolina and Indiana are all currently considering legislation that would protect the unborn as persons and criminalize the act of abortion as murder. As previously reported , in Idaho, Rep. Heather Scott, R-Blanchard, and Rep. John Green, R-Post Falls, have introduced the Idaho Abortion Human Rights Act , which would remove an exemption for abortion from the state’s homicide laws. “Idaho code defines a fetus as a human and says killing a human is murder. Abortion is in contradiction to the inalienable rights recognized in the Idaho Constitution, and the State of Idaho has the authority to nullify federal laws that would allow abortions,” the bill reads in part. Read more here.

Basic Training: Abortion

Posted at  Michelle Lesley  ~ Discipleship for Christian Women: I rarely write on abortion. But it’s not because I don’t feel strongly about it. It’s because it seems like it should be a given. That Christians shouldn’t have to be told that we don’t support abortion any more than we have to be told to breathe or eat. When I think about writing about abortion, I think, “What could I possibly say that hasn’t already been said a million times, and by people who have more experience in this arena than I do?”. But the more I look out over the landscape of contemporary Christianity, the more I realize we can’t take any aspect of theology for granted. Because when we take the basics for granted, they don’t get taught to the next generation and we end up assuming they know things they don’t actually know. And that’s on us – those of us who knew and didn’t properly and explicitly train those who came behind us. So if you’re recently saved and you’ve just walked in to this brand new, unfam


MADISON COUNTY MAN SUES HUNTSVILLE CLINIC AFTER GIRLFRIEND GETS ABORTION By Sarah Singleterry - Posted at WAAY 31 News : Ryan Magers told WAAY 31 he wants to give would-be fathers a voice in the abortion conversation. A local man filed a lawsuit in Madison County against the abortion clinic and others he said helped end his girlfriend's pregnancy even though he begged her to keep the baby. "I'm here for the men who actually want to have their baby," Ryan Magers, who's suing the abortion clinic and others, said. It's been nearly two years since Magers' girlfriend aborted their baby. "It was just like my whole world fell apart," Magers said. Mager's filed a lawsuit in Madison County on Wednesday suing Alabama Women's Center, their employees and the pharmaceutical company who makes the medication used in an abortion. "I believe every child from conception is a baby and deserves to live," Magers said. Read more here.

NY State 'Abortion' Law essentially Codifies Roe & Doe

Christians for Life and Liberty ( CLL ) aka Columbia Christians for Life ( CCL ) Columbia, South Carolina February 1, 2019 NY State 'Abortion' Law essentially Codifies Roe & Doe; However, Post-Roe Laws in Six States, and Pre-Roe Laws in at least Six Other States would already Ban all or most 'Abortions' if Roe overturned NY State 'Abortion' [ Child-Murder ] Law signed by Jesuit-educated [ Fordham University ], Roman Catholic New York Governor Andrew Cuomo FOX News 'New York is latest state pushing abortion laws amid fears Roe vs. Wade will be overturned' January 30, 2019 [ emphasis added ] _____________________________ _____________________________    World Net Daily 'WHY ALL THE FUSS OVER N.Y. ABORTION LAW?' - Writer believes bigger issue is Christians' complicity in tragedy https://www.wnd.