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Editorial: Difference Between Personhood Bill and Dismemberment Bill

Posted at Christians for Personhood : Letter to the Editor The Times Examiner, Greenville, SC INDEPENDENT CONSERVATIVE VOICE OF THE PALMETTO STATE Anne Schell, Greenville, SC April 11, 2018 Those standing behind the Personhood Bill are coming from a Biblical perspective …” “Those of us who believe the Personhood Bill should be promoted do so because we believe God will honor His Word when His people step out in faith.” Proverbs 24:11-12 Dear Editor, Many may be confused (pastors included) about the differences between the Personhood Bill and the Dismemberment Bill being presented before the SC Senate – why one should take priority over the other. One of the main differences is WHO is supporting each of the bills. Those standing behind the Personhood Bill are coming from a Biblical perspective while those who represent the Dismemberment Bill (NRL – National Right to Life & SCCL – South Carolina Citizens for Life) are coming from a political perspective.

Don’t Abort Down’s Babies

By Lisa Shaw - Posted at The New American : Since the Supreme Court decision on Roe v. Wade in 1973, abortion has claimed the lives of untold millions. Each of these lives is as important as the other, regardless of sex, color, race, or health. Not one life is more deserving than another of a chance to live. Yet it seems that a certain group has been targeted with a vengeance for extinction, calling many pro-lifers to immediate action, not just in America, but worldwide. A chromosomal abnormality, Down syndrome has become the spotlight of the abortion debate, as the fight to eradicate the condition is being met with determination to save the lives of those diagnosed with it. A Bleak Future, and Present The future of children diagnosed with this disease seems bleak, especially in countries such as Iceland intent on eliminating the deficiency by eliminating those who carry it. Prenatal tests were introduced in the early 2000s in the country, and while optional, nearly 85 percent

Judge Blocks Kentucky's Dismemberment Abortion Ban

Kentucky State Capitol - Wikipedia By Michael Gybroski - Posted at The Christian Post : A judge has temporarily blocked a Kentucky law from taking effect that would ban an abortion procedure that involves ripping apart a human fetus and then removing the pieces one at a time from a womb. Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin signed House Bill 454 into law last week, which bans dismemberment abortions, a procedure also called dilation and evacuation. In a joint consent order issued late last Thursday, a district court blocked the law until June 5, when a preliminary injunction hearing is scheduled to take place. The block came as part of a lawsuit filed last week against the Kentucky law by the American Civil Liberties Union. Andrew Beck, senior staff attorney with the ACLU Reproductive Freedom Project, expressed support for the temporary hold. Continue reading...

Neb., Tenn. defund Planned Parenthood

By Samantha Gobba - Posted at Baptist Press : NASHVILLE (BP) -- Nebraska and Tennessee this month joined more than a dozen states that have cut funding for abortion providers like Planned Parenthood, a pro-life campaign that has seen mixed results. Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts approved a budget that prohibits Title X funding from going to abortion providers, directing $1.9 million toward centers that neither refer for nor perform abortions. Planned Parenthood criticized the move, saying it would "block health care" for at least 8,000 people. But Nebraska Right to Life director Julie Schmit-Albin said the law will prevent "illegal melding of Title X funds to support abortion activities." Use of federal funds to perform abortions or to fund entities that perform abortions is prohibited by federal law, but Planned Parenthood claims it uses its $60 million in Title X funding and $390 million in Medicaid reimbursements for other services. In part because of that clai

Take a Stand! Join the Sex Ed Sit Out!

Posted at Expose Sex Ed Now! Sharing info from David Cooke and Citizen Go. Don’t Sexualize Our Kids! We, as concerned parents and community members, are sick of the sexualization of our children! We say NO to graphic, gender-bending, promiscuity-promoting sex education for our kids. We demand that public schools stop treating our children like guinea pigs in some social engineering experiment. We demand that schools respect parents’ values and parents’ authority. We will not stand for our tax money being used to promote sexual liberation, deviance, and gender confusion to our precious kids. In protest, we stand together with those parents pulling their children out of public school on April 23rd for the sex ed sit out. SIGN NOW Continue reading...

If "the Life of the Flesh is in the Blood," is Conception When Life Begins?

By Jeff Miller, Ph.D. - Posted at Apologetics Press : Scripture indicates that babies are still human while they are in the womb, and therefore, abortion is premeditated murder. 1 The Bible also indicates that conception (i.e., “fertilization”—the meeting of sperm and egg) marks the point at which a human is formed. 2 On the other hand, Leviticus 17:11 indicates that “the life of the flesh is in the blood.” A human embryo does not even begin developing blood cells until about 18 days after fertilization, 3 and the heart does not begin beating until four days later. 4 So how could life begin at conception, if life is in the blood, which does not even exist until several days after conception? Among others, two key principles must be used when trying to gather the meaning of a Bible passage before prematurely assigning a meaning to its terms: carefully consider (1) how the Bible defines its own terms and (2) the context of the passage. Those principles are especially crucia

Sudanese Refugee Who Raped Me Now Seeks Custody of My Little Miracle, by Penny

Posted at Save the 1 : ...In hindsight, I now see how I was the one who was naïve, still feeling sorry for him and believing he was awkward but kind. When I met him in the summer of 2016, he seemed friendly, but it was clear that he didn’t understand boundaries as he was touchy, hugged a lot and was seen asking all of the women in the neighborhood if they needed help with their yard or in the house. He told me and my mom that he wanted to find a white woman to marry and have kids with. Despite these odd behaviors, the few times I had spoken with him, he still seemed genuinely wanting to help women. I just figured he was naïve and that there were cultural differences because he was a Sudanese refugee. When I heard that he had gone to jail for a disturbing crime of “sexual contact with a vulnerable adult,” I was shocked and confused. I reached out to him in jail to get his side of the story. I was met there by his refugee advocate, and they both assured me of his innocence. Upon

Posthumous conception raises 'host of ethical issues'

By David Roach - Posted at Baptist Press : NASHVILLE (BP) -- The legal and moral propriety of conceiving a child with a dead person's egg or sperm is among the latest fronts being discussed in bioethics. In Ireland, legislation is under consideration that would permit reproductive cells from deceased individuals to be used by their spouses or partners to conceive children posthumously, according to media reports. The Irish legislature's Joint Committee on Health discussed the bill once in January and again in February, a spokesperson for the legislature told Baptist Press. A final bill could be drafted in the coming months and put before parliament for debate. Health Committee chairman Michael Harty said in a news release, "Assisted Human Reproduction (AHR) is becoming increasingly important in Ireland and measures must be put in place to protect parents, donors, surrogates and crucially, the children born through AHR." The posthumous conception legislation, whi

Parents Outraged Over 'Graphic' Sex Ed Plan 'Sit Out'

Planned Parenthood BDSM sex education materials, including "50 Shades of Safe." Image source: PLANNEDPARENTHOODEXPOSED.COM By Brandon Showalter - Posted at The Christian Post : Frustrated parents across the nation are planning to remove their children from public schools later this month in protest of "pornographic" sex ed curriculum being taught under the guise of "anti-bullying." The "Sex Ed Sit Out," which has been months in the making, is taking place on Monday, April 23. The protest was launched by a few American mothers on social media who were troubled by the explicit nature of content in current sex ed resources used in public schools. As their coordination efforts gained ground, the initiative went global with demonstrations planned in Australia and Canada. Continue reading...