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Abortion Clinic 911 Calls - Baby Rowan (1 of 10)

Details: Uploaded on Jul 11, 2008 See also: for the movie based on the true story of Baby Rowan, a 22-week-old boy who was born alive in Dr. James Pendergraft's abortion clinic in Orlando and left to die! ABORTION CLINIC 911 EMERGENCY CALL -- BABY ROWAN OFD: Orlando Fire Department. (Unintelligible.) OFD: Thank you. What is the address of the emergency? Friend: 609 West Virginia Street. The EPOC Center. OFD: 609 West Virginia? One moment please. Friend: Let's see ... I don't have the address on me. A friend of mine called from the abortion clinic and her baby was born alive. OFD: Okay. Do you know the closest intersection? Did she call you on a phone? Friend: Right, she called me on her cell phone. OFD: Okay. Did you ask her to call 911? Because ... Friend: She asked me to call because she was back there with no kind of ... They were just telling her to leave it ... this is gros