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This blog's purpose is to inform and educate a new generation of pro-life Christians while honoring those who were pioneers and leaders in the "pro-life movement" - the ones who didn't and (hopefully) will not compromise the life of even one innocent child.

About me:

I am a Confessional Reformed Christian, wife, mother to two sons, a Christian blogger and a volunteer with Christians for Personhood.

After becoming a Christian in 1976 and falling out of church fellowship for a number of years, the LORD renewed my new birth in Christ in the fall of 1993. He then soon had me involved with local Christian activists as a member of the Illinois Christian Coalition (1994 - the same year I was elected to the Waterloo School Board) and then as a county chapter leader in 1995.

I joined the Constitution Party of Illinois and served as an officer from May 2001 until my resignation in January 2005. During this period of time I was very active politically as a grassroots leader and organizer.

For several years I wrote an "Opinion Shaper" column for our local newspaper. I also spent many years ministering to the lost and speaking on behalf of the preborn at the local abortuaries.

I hope and pray to spend the rest of my life pressing the Crown Rights of Jesus Christ, who is King of all the nations.

Here are links to my blogs, which I try to update on a regular basis:

For Christ's Crown & Covenant,
Angela Wittman, editor


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