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Snowflake Adoption

 Posted at Christian News: No one fully loves this idea described by the PR term of “snowflake adoption,” but this IVF procedure has been extolled by some as a godly option to deal with leftover frozen embryos that the original parents do not want. This initially sounds loving and very pro-life, but it has some deeper theological problems, not about the lives themselves, which are not to be denied or devalued, but around the sanctity of the womb, the marital act, and the divine union of husband and wife. The Lord gave His word “be fruitful and multiply” and He gave us one way to achieve that inbuilt purpose for marriage, and by extension how He expands humanity. We do not have to preach people to the marital act or give technical courses—and those who can avoid it without temptation need not be married at all. Our very nature and bodies impel to it. It is intrinsic to marriage, whereas IVF, in all its forms, is not so simple and easy to confine to God’s marriage. There would be no left