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'Make Them Watch'

 By Bill Muehlenberg - Posted at Culture Watch: Published August 25, 2014 Although it may not be well known to many people today, when the war in Europe was won by the Allies in 1945, one of the many actions taken to right the wrongs was to force ordinary German citizens to walk through the concentration camps and see for themselves what they had allowed to take place. This was part of the larger process known as Entnazifizierung (Denazification) which the Allies undertook after the war to rid Germany and Austria of all things related to Nazi ideology. As part of this, numerous films showing the horrors of the concentration camps were made and shown to the German public. But forcing German citizens to actually see what was taking place all around them was a major part of this. Not only did they have to tour the camps, but often they had to bury rotting corpses and/or exhume mass graves. The sights and the stench were certainly powerful wake-up calls to many who claimed ignorance or den

Church at Planned Parenthood must pay $960K for holding worship outside abortion clinic

By Michael Gryboski - Posted at The Christian Post: A pro-life organization will have to pay $960,000 in legal fees and damages for holding worship services at the property of a local Planned Parenthood clinic in Washington state. The Church at Planned Parenthood, a group organized by Covenant Church that used to hold worship services on the property of a Planned Parenthood clinic in Spokane, agreed to pay $850,000 in legal fees. This total is added to an earlier amount of $110,000 to be paid in damages after holding worship services outside of the Spokane Planned Parenthood Health Care Center in 2020. "Planned Parenthood Sues our little church for Peaceful Assembly and it costs Christians $850,000 for mostly Corrupt Lawyer’s Fees," Pastor Ken Peters wrote on Facebook . "The only difference… We have to do 7pm instead of 6pm, and go across the street. $850k over one hour and across the street. Wow. That’s a lot of money they stole from the Kingdom over one hour. We are re

Everything went as planned … the heartbreak of sidewalk counseling.

Sidewalk counselors and pro-life prayer advocates can help save lives. (Source: Pregnancy Help News)  By Patty Knap - Posted at Pregnancy Help News: Sidewalk counselors outside abortion centers can play a big part in the work of pregnancy care centers. It's at that last minute before a pregnant mom enters the abortion center, after she's made the decision that this is the only way out, that the prayers and compassion of a sidewalk counselor can make the difference between death and life. One dedicated, long-term sidewalk counselor, Celeste, prays regularly outside a Long Island, New York, Planned Parenthood, and sometimes has the opportunity to bring a young woman into the pregnancy center two blocks up the street. While that's her goal, to get pregnant women into the safety, compassion, and knowledge of the pregnancy center, not every situation goes that way. By the time the girls reach Planned Parenthood for the abortion, Celeste said, they often have blinders on and only

LiveAction: Planned Parenthood infiltrates Utah school district classrooms without parents’ knowledge

 By Cassy Fiona-Chesser Undercover footage from a Utah school district shows administrative officials boasting about the agenda foisted upon students — including the presence of Planned Parenthood staff in the classrooms — all without parents’ knowledge or consent. Accuracy in Media released footage recently with Utah public school officials discussing how they manage to get controversial information in front of students without parents knowing. That includes information and advice directly from Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion chain. Katie Ieremia, Director of Professional Development of Salt Lake City Schools, explained that the schools use a Planned Parenthood curriculum and that Planned Parenthood sends staffers into the schools to talk to students. Parents appear not to be directly informed about it, though Ieremia claims the information is on the website. “We have a very close relationship with, like, Planned Parenthood, and they come speak in our district all th


FALSELY-NAMED “HUMAN LIFE PROTECTION ACT” H3774 PASSES SC HOUSE SUBCOMMITTEE – JAN 26, 2023  Posted February 1. 2023 - Edited/Revised February 2, 2023 Christians for Personhood Columbia, SC Excerpt:  So, in conclusion, H3774 would ban approximately 97% of surgical and RU486 “abortions” in SC, and thus would likely shut down such “abortions” at the Planned Parenthood murder mills in Columbia and Charleston, and would likely stop nearly all such “abortions” at the Greenville murder mill. However, surgical and RU486 “abortions” only account for an estimated 10-20% of the total number of “abortions”. The other estimated 80-90% is from birth control which can function abortifaciently, TO WHICH THIS UNRIGHTEOUS BILL H3774 IN ITS PRESENT FORM AS FILED ON JANUARY 24, 2023, AND AS PASSED BY THE SC HOUSE JUDICIARY CONSTITUTIONAL LAWS SUBCOMMITTEE ON JANUARY 26, 2023 (SC Legislature Archived Video ), WOULD EXPAND AVAILABILITY AND ACCESSIBILITY, EVEN TO DEPENDENTS (YOUTH) THROUGH SC PEBA AND TH

Mark Houck found not guilty of federal FACE Act charges after altercation near abortion clinic

 By Samantha Kamman - Posted at The Christian Post: Published Monday, January 30, 2023 A jury on Monday found Mark Houck, the Catholic pro-life advocate and father of seven who faced 11 years in prison, not guilty of a federal violation related to an encounter with a Planned Parenthood clinic escort in Philadelphia. Houck was charged with two counts of violating the FACE Act in two incidents that occurred at a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic on Oct. 13, 2021. The federal indictment accused Houck of shoving abortion clinic escort Bruce Love in two separate incidents on the same day. The pro-life advocate was declared not guilty on all counts in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. Continue here... See also: Sidewalk counselor Mark Houck acquitted of all charges in federal court ( Mark Houck Archives - LifeSite ( Mark Houck Archives - The Federalist Acquitted Mark Houck wants to press charges for FBI abuse | U.S. News (chr