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10 Things You’re Getting Very, Very Wrong About Abortion Ministry

By Kristine H. - Posted at #NotAVictim : If you do not understand these different categories of mothers, you will get ten things very, very wrong about the pro-life movement: 1) You will think Pregnancy Centers and sonogram buses are talking about actively-aborting mothers (the category in red) when they mention their “8 out of 10 saves.” (They are talking more about mothers in the categories toward the far left — saves from POTENTIAL abortions usually). 2) You will think the strategy of those who, by and large, minister to the abortion-VULNERABLE is the same suitable strategy for ministering to the category in red. 3) You will wonder why those who minister to the category of the mothers and fathers in red don’t report the same numbers of “saves” like those who minister to the abortion-vulnerable do. 4) You will mistakenly think that when there is a “save” by someone ministering to the abortion-vulnerable that that was a save from an actively aborting mother. 5) You will listen

CDC Report Shows US Abortion Rates Fell by 2 Percent in 2016, But More Than 623,000 Babies Still Murdered

By Heather Clark - Posted at Christian News Network: WASHINGTON — The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has released its annual “abortion surveillance” report, showing that abortion rates are continuing to fall in the United States, but still more than 623,000 babies were murdered in 2016. “A total of 623,471 abortions for 2016 were reported to CDC from 48 reporting areas,” the organization wrote, outlining the latest year on record. “Among the 48 areas that reported data every year during 2007–2016, decreases in the total number, rate, and ratio of reported abortions resulted in historic lows for the period of analysis for all three measures of abortion.” The figure is down two percent from 2015, when 638,169 abortions were reported , and equates to 186 abortions for every 1,000 births. The actual number of abortions could be much higher, however, as California did not submit data for the annual study, and “[a]bortions in California represent 15.4% of all abortions in the Uni

Life and Liberty Ministries: Please contact this Abortion Clinic supporter

By Dennis Green - Life and Liberty Ministries: The abortion industry stays in business due to the complicity of other neighborhood businesses. Plumbers, electricians, roofers, etc. keep the baby killing centers operational. Please consider contacting Richmond Oxygen through the link provided. On Thursday morning (Nov. 21, 2019) one of their trucks and worker were at Planned Parenthood to ensure that the business continues to operate smoothly. This abortion facility is located at 201 North Hamilton Street in Richmond, Virginia. Ask Richmond Oxygen to stop serving this baby killing business. "And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them." Ephesians 5:11 Richmond Oxygen 804-798-2525 11009 Richardson Road, Ashland, Virginia

Notes From The Didache On The Early Christian View Of Abortion

The Twelve Apostles (Pushkin Museum in Moscow) - Wikipedia By Dr. R. Scott Clark - Posted at The Heidelblog: One of the more difficult and fascinating texts in the collection of texts known as the Apostolic Fathers is the Teaching of the Lord to the Gentiles by the Twelve Apostles usually known as a the Didache (Διδαχὴ). It is difficult because there are genuine questions as to its original location. Some scholars place it in Alexandria others in Syria. It has been dated from 70 AD to 300 AD. The internal evidence indicates to me that it is probably a Syrian text. It was known to fathers by the mid-2nd century so it seems as if could not be dated much after 150 AD. The situation envisioned by the document fits the early 2nd century better than the 1st century. The Didache is in two or three parts. The first part draws heavily from the gospels and follows the “two-ways” ethical tradition of Proverbs and the Psalms. It quotes and elaborates subtly upon the Sermon on the Mount

‘I Saw Myself as a Mass Murderer’: Former Abortion Provider Shares Her Story

Dr. Kathi Aultman - CBN News By Mikaela Mathews - Posted at Christian Headlines: After performing around 1,000 abortions, Dr. Kathi Aultman came to a disturbing realization: she had legally killed more people than the serial killer Ted Bundy. “I didn’t see the fetus as any different from the chicken embryos that I dissected in college,” Aultman said in an interview on The Van Maren Show . She was strongly pro-abortion, according to the Daily Signal , and believed that it was a woman’s right to abort a child. “I felt that I was a woman’s advocate, and I was helping women, so I felt I was doing everything right,” she said. “And I love taking care of women.” However, while working at a neonatal intensive care unit, she began to doubt the ethics of abortions. She was saving babies in the NICU that were the same age as the ones she was also aborting. Continue reading...

Abortion: A Doctrine of Demons | Short Film

Warning: Disturbing Images From Youtube Link: This has been removed by the "Web Sheriff" at Youtube. Please watch it at the Created Equal website:

The SC Heartbeat Bill is NOT a Pro-Life Bill

Columbia Christians for Life ( CCL ) aka Christians for Life and Liberty ( CLL ) Columbia, South Carolina September 30, 2019 / Revised October 18, 2019 / Revised November 1, 2019 The SC Heartbeat Bill is NOT a Pro-Life Bill Incremental Child-Murder ‘Regulation’ Bills like the SC Heartbeat Bill do not Establish Justice ... __________________________ __________________________ SC Heartbeat Bill H3020 Full Senate Medical Affairs Committee Meeting , chaired by Senator Danny Verdin (R-Laurens) is scheduled for Tuesday,  November 5, 2019, 10:00 am, SC Senate Gressette Building (Room 105), vicinity State House, Columbia, SC Agenda Available Live Broadcast [ Find link on Senate Meeting Schedule at: ] Live Broadcast - Audio Only [ Find link on Senate Meeting Schedule at: ] Principled Pro-Personhood Christians: Please call / text / e-mail the 10 Republican SC Senators

Healthy Twins Survive Chemical Abortion After Planned Parenthood Failed to Disclose Second Child In Utero

By Katie Franklin - Posted at Pregnancy Help News: Recently, a Tennessee woman gave birth to healthy twin babies who miraculously survived a chemical abortion attempt at a Knoxville, TN, Planned Parenthood. The incredible story of these miracle babies, as told by one pro-life physician, underscores just how sorely the abortion giant fails to meet the needs of women, both from a medical standpoint and a human one. Displaying obvious ineptitude from the start, the nation’s largest abortion business only informed the woman she was pregnant with twins after the chemical abortion she’d been given by Planned Parenthood staff failed. Furthermore, at her initial visit to the Planned Parenthood facility, the staff misinformed her about the basic biological development happening within her seven-week pregnancy, stating that it was too early for a heartbeat and that it was “just cardiac activity” they were seeing. Pro-life physician Brent Boles, who helped the woman following her failed abor

Why Do Pro-Life Leaders Demand Sanitizing Instead Of Ending Mass Murder?

Image: Larry W. Kane for Shaw Media Source: The Herald By James Silberman - Posted at The Federalist: When pro-life leaders get more upset over an abortionist keeping corpses in his home than they do over the murder of innocent babies, they legitimize abortion — and show themselves to be cowards. Imagine a world where bold men and women react to former abortionist Ulrich Klopfer keeping thousands of corpses in his house by bringing that horror to bear on the Indiana legislature and the Supreme Court for sanctioning the murders. These men and women demand the establishment of equal justice and protection for all. They speak prophetically to a wicked and perverse generation that legalizes and regulates the exploits of serial killers. They call for the total and immediate abolition of prenatal murder. But alas, the world in which we live bears no semblance. We live in a world where pro-life politicians and lobbyists express outrage at a serial killer for his regula

How Will We Care for the “Extra” Children? Posted at If abortion were outlawed, what would the social ramifications be? C.S. Lewis once observed that, "when a thing has to be attempted, one must never think about possibility or impossibility."1 We express the same sentiment with the age-old adage, necessity is the mother of invention. When something must be done, it's no good arguing why it can't be done. One of the clearest expressions of this sentiment in the context of public policy comes from the 1772 Somersett verdict that outlawed slavery in England. Lord Mansfield declared that, "we feel the force of the inconveniences and consequences that will follow the decision [to abolish slavery]. Yet all of us are so clearly of one opinion upon the only question before us, that we think we ought to give judgment."2 He went on to declare that, "the state of slavery is of such a nature, that it is incapable of now being introduced by Courts of Justice upon mere rea

The changing face of abortion in the US

By Jesse Johnson - Posted at The Cripplegate: This last decade has seen substantial changes to the way abortion is perceived in the United States. These changes are essential for those in the pro-life movement to understand. Ten years ago, a typical woman who pursued abortion was a first-time mom. If not a teenager, she was almost certainly single, perhaps even a college student. She usually took ten days from the time she found out she was pregnant to her decision to abort the baby. In those ten days she might have asked friends or people she trusted for advice. A typical abortion was referred to as “surgical,” took place in an abortion clinic, and the mother would have had fairly limited knowledge of the baby’s development. Seeing an ultrasound would have had a substantial mitigating effect on the decision to have an abortion. Some studies even suggested that 90% of abortion minded-women changed their mind after seeing an ultrasound. Today, all of these dynamics are different.

Excellent Resource: 'Outlaw Abortion' To put it simply, abortion is murder. It is the killing of an innocent child, and it is the government’s ordained role by God to uphold His law (Romans 13). The purpose of this page is to unite Christians worldwide to call upon government to rightfully protect those in the most dangerous place in the world today—the womb. Source:

The Sexual Revolution and Its Victims: When Will We Learn?

Christian Headlines By John Stonestreet and Roberto Rivera (Breakpoint) - Posted at Christian Headlines: This story has everything … Reproductive technology? Check! Same-sex union? Check! Autism? Check! Lawsuits? Check! The assumption that a child “product” of reproductive technology that someone paid for is “defective”? Check! In fact, I’m not sure I’ve seen a story in the last decade that more definitively proves what we often say around the Colson Center: Ideas have consequences. Bad ideas have victims. A recent Washington Post article tells of an Illinois woman who has struggled to raise two children, her now six- and seven-year-old sons. Both have autism. But this story isn’t about her day to day life dealing with these challenges. It’s about why the boys are autistic in the first place. Both of her sons were conceived by sperm donation, from the same nameless donor, “Donor H898.” This woman chose artificial insemination because her female partner, well, could not i

In Memory of Dr. Pat McEwen

By Jay Rogers - Posted at The Forerunner: Published 9.22.2019 And Jesus came and spake unto them, saying, All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth. Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. Amen (Matthew 28:18-20). Pat McEwen, missionary to the nations, died on Thursday, September 12th, 2019. “Miss Pat” had been a friend of mine since the fall of 1993. From 1993 to 2000, I lived in and owned a house across the street from an infamous abortion center in Melbourne, Florida. Due to a restrictive “no-free-speech” buffer zone, the site became a “hot bed” for pro-life activism. During that time, sidewalk evangelists and counselors cut the abortion rate in our county in half . This is while the abortion rate in every other county in Florida rose . The abortion cent

Illinois Right to Life Responds To News That More Than 2,200 Fetuses Were Discovered On Deceased Abortionist’s Property IRL News Release: September 16, 2019 – (CHICAGO) Illinois Right to Life (IRL) responded on Monday to news that 2,246 medically-preserved fetuses were found on the Will County, IL property of deceased Indiana abortionist Ulrich Klopfer over the weekend. Klofper, who died on Sept. 3, was a disgraced physician whose license was suspended in 2016 after he was charged with failure to report abortions performed on at least two girls under the age of 14. Klopfer performed abortions at The Women’s Pavilion – a now-closed clinic at the center of a local South Bend controversy involving Democratic Presidential Candidate Pete Buttigieg during his time as mayor. Klopfer owned a home in Crete, IL – about 35 miles south of Chicago in Will County – where it’s been suggested by some media sources that the fetuses were found by his family. “If these fetuses are not members of our human family, why are we appalled?” said IRL Executive Director Mary Kate Knorr. “A

What we know: 2,246 fetal remains found in Illinois home of ex-Indiana abortion doctor

Abortionist  Ulrich Klopfer - Image Source:  Family Council By Vic Ryckaert - Posted at After Dr. Ulrich Klopfer died in rural Crete, Illinois, on Sept. 3, authorities found "2,246 medically preserved fetal remains" in his home. Klopfer performed thousands of abortions in northern Indiana clinics before his medical license was revoked in 2016. But it's unclear where the fetal remains came from, though the Will County, Illinois, Sheriff's office said in a news release there was no evidence that Klopfer performed abortions on his Illinois property. Public records show that Klopfer had not been licensed to practice medicine in Illinois since 1990, when he failed to renew his license. Records do not show Klopfer holding any other state's medical license after the Indiana suspension. Continue reading... HT: Hoosiers for Life

5 incredible revelations from this week’s abortion hearing in California

Merritt and Daleiden at court, faced with fifteen counts of wire-tapping. - The Cripplegate By Jesse Johnson - Posted at The Cripplegate: One of the wildest criminal proceedings in the history of legalized abortion is happening this week in San Francisco. David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt are on trial for posing as potential buyers for the body parts of aborted babies. As part of their investigation they recorded conversations in restaurants with Planned Parenthood employees where they haggled over the prices and methods by which the “tissue” would be harvested. When Daleiden and Merritt began releasing their videos, there was public uproar, which was partially responsible for the election of President Trump, as well as the ending of much of Planned Parenthood’s government funding. These videos clearly capture Planned Parenthood employees breaking federal law, which prohibits the sale of fetal tissue for profit . But somehow Planned Parenthood workers have never been prose

How One Nurse’s Secret Abortion Became a Life-Saving Story

By Karen Ingle - Posted at Pregnancy Help News : In 1985, a silent and numb seventeen-year-old girl named Michele tagged along as her boyfriend’s mother took care of the paperwork—first for her pregnancy test in a Missouri strip mall, and then for her abortion at a clinic in West St. Louis County. “The majority of my life I lived as ‘the girl who had an abortion’,” said Michele Menke, the nurse manager for Hand 'n Hand Pregnancy Center in Barnhart, Missouri. Only no one knew that secret but Michele, her boyfriend, and his mother. For decades, fear ruled her life—fear of exposure, fear of her parents’ disapproval, and fear that her sorrow would never end. But fear, she says today, is a liar. “Fear paralyzes you,” Menke said. “You can’t think or function the way you normally do.” Having grown up in a church-going family, she would have described herself as pro-life. “That was one of the hardest things: I knew it was wrong, but I just couldn’t think at the time,” she said. “

In Court Hearing, Planned Parenthood Employee Admits To Trafficking In Baby Body Parts

Wikimedia By Lauren Fink - Posted at The Federalist : Day one of the preliminary hearing for pro-life activist David Daleiden kicked off Tuesday morning at the San Francisco Superior Court with testimony from an abortion technician, a third-trimester abortionist, and a vice president of the National Abortion Federation, who testified she doesn’t know what a human tissue procurement company is or does. NAF Vice President of External Affairs Melissa Fowler also testified she recognized StemExpress—a human tissue procurement lab exposed in Daleiden’s undercover videos that is now under federal investigation—as a repeat vendor of her for-profit organization. NAF is a third-party abortion trade group. The nine-day hearing is the first time Planned Parenthood leaders and affiliates have publicly gathered and testified in court since Daleiden’s Center for Medical Progress published 11 undercover videos featuring Planned Parenthood leaders discussing—and in some videos displaying—th

Judge Dismisses Father’s Lawsuit Against Alabama Abortion Facility That Killed His Unborn Child

By Heather Clark - Posted at Christian News Network: HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — A county circuit judge has dismissed a lawsuit filed by an Alabama teenager who sued the abortion facility that killed his son or daughter despite his wishes that his girlfriend keep the baby. “[T]he court finds that Plaintiff’s asserted claims for punitive money damages are not cognizable under Alabama law, including the Alabama Wrongful Death Act,” Madison County Circuit Judge Chris Comer wrote, according to Comer ruled that 19-year-old Ryan Magers didn’t show that Alabama Women’s Center for Reproductive Alternatives in Huntsville had broken any law in performing the abortion, nor did he show personal injury. He also concluded that federal and state law protects abortion facilities from such legal action. The abortion facility had filed a motion for Comer to dismiss the case, arguing that the abortion was legal and it had done nothing wrong. Continue reading...

Planned Parenthood’s Rejection of Title X Funds Shows a Crucial Connection Between Birth Control and Abortion

Pregnancy Help News By Peggy Hartshorn, Ph.D. - Posted at Pregnancy Help News: Despite their public statements to the contrary, Planned Parenthood did not turn down $60M in Title X federal funds because a new “gag rule” is against their freedom of speech (the new federal “Protect Life Rule” prohibits Title X recipients from referring for abortion). Nor did Planned Parenthood turn down Title X because they are so committed to “women’s reproductive health” — however skewed it is to think that an abortion referral could ever be construed as “health care.” Nor did Planned Parenthood turn down the money because it would be too onerous to separate their abortion services from their Title X funded services in geographical location and financial record keeping as the new federal rule requires (much smaller faith-based groups that receive federal dollars comply willingly with similar requirements that separate their tax-funded services from their faith-based ones). Planned Parenthood’

Pastor Jarrid Wilson Launches #GreatJoys Movement to Counter Alyssa Milano’s Celebration of Her Abortions By Tré Goins-Phillips - Posted at Faithwire: A pastor based in Southern California is offering a different perspective after actor and activist Alyssa Milano recently celebrated her past abortions, claiming her life would be “lacking all its great joys” if she hadn’t terminated two of her pregnancies when she was in her early 20s. Jarrid Wilson, pastor at Harvest Christian Fellowship and founder of the non-profit Anthem of Hope , posted a tweet Wednesday, responding to Milano. In it, he asked people to post pictures of their own children along with the hashtag #greatjoys because, in reality, children are the presence — not absence — of joy. Continue reading... See also: Jarrid Wilson's wife shares Bible verse late husband sent before his death: 'It's speaking to my heart'  (Christian Post) Christian Life News is sorry to hear about the death of Pastor Jarrid Wilson - we appreciate his stand for life and ministry to those sufferi

Planned Parenthood Drops Title X Funding Over Abortion

By Kate Shellnutt - Posted at Christianity Today: Update (August 19): After a court of appeals ruled in favor a Trump administration policy barring federal funding for clinics that offer abortion referrals, Planned Parenthood announced on Monday it will withdraw from a government program that offers low-income women reproductive healthcare. Continue reading... See also: Planned Parenthood abandons Title X federal funds after Trump rule prohibits abortion referrals (FOX News) Planned Parenthood pulls out of family planning program over Trump abortion rule  (POLITICO) PPFA forfeits family planning funds for abortion  (Baptist Press)

Baptist leader urges Tennessee legislators to stand for life

By Lonnie Wilkey - Posted at Baptist Press: NASHVILLE (BP) -- When New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed into law one of the nation's most comprehensive abortion laws earlier this year, he "woke a sleeping giant," declared Randy C. Davis, president and executive director of the Tennessee Baptist Mission Board. Davis was one of five pro-life proponents who appealed to a nine-member Tennessee Senate Judiciary Summer Study Committee Monday (Aug. 12) to join thousands of Tennessee Baptists and other evangelical Christians in standing for life in the Volunteer State. Longtime observers of the Tennessee Baptist Convention believe it may be the first time that a representative of the convention has addressed Tennessee senators on a major legislative issue. The Senate committee heard testimony from both pro-life and abortion advocates concerning the Tennessee Heartbeat Bill. Davis observed that the bill before the Senate committee is much stronger than a similar bill passed

Conceived in Rape: A Life Turned to Beauty and Joy

Pregnancy Help News By Brittany Summers - Posted at Pregnancy Help News: Babies conceived in rape are no less human and no less valuable than the women who carry them. It is easy for those who have not experienced this horrific ordeal to offer conjecture and opinion about what the fate of the baby should be—which is usually abortion. Let’s introduce 18-year-old Amy*, a college freshman experiencing a new school, new friends, and the excitement of her entire world ahead of her. As a pre-law student, she is nervous but excited to pursue her dreams. During Christmas break, Amy’s life would change forever. Amy was maliciously attacked and raped by two men. She was never able to identify them. She will never be able to press charges or pursue justice for herself. She didn’t know their faces, their names, or any possible mutual friends. Amy told her family about how she was raped and ultimately decided to go back to school to continue pursuing her dreams. Soon after getting back into

Missionaries to the Preborn: Failed Opposition

May Christ do great things in the hearts of men!  July 30th, 2019 Dear Friends of the Preborn,  Those who opposed our 8-day effort for the preborn here in Milwaukee, put these billboards up all around Milwaukee. They also spent tens of thousands of dollars and took out full page newspaper ads, had a truck that drove around postered up, did tons of social networking ads, and flew in some low-level comedians from California - all to rally people against us and our efforts. Here is a picture of the poster they made against me. Yet, they could never muster more than 20 people here in Milwaukee and even when they gathered in liberal, decadent Madison they only had 40 show up for their big rally of opposition. The opposition was formed and led by Liz Winstead who was one of the creators of the Daily Show with John Stewart which is well-known for its propagation of filth and socialism. Here is the link to their website they created against our efforts in Milwaukee: ht

4 Reasons the Abortion Industry Will Never Accept Abortion Pill Rescue (APR)

Pregnancy Help News By Kirk Walden - Posted at Pregnancy Help News: This week, Pregnancy Help News rolled out yet another story of Abortion Pill Rescue (APR). Shashana Hazi is one of more than 750 women now crediting this protocol for saving her child’s life. Yet while the pro-life community celebrates another little boy in this world, the abortion industry turns its nose, calling APR “junk science” and “unproven.” Friends, it doesn’t matter if APR saves 750, 75,000 or 7.5 million lives. The abortion industry (and its friends) will always try to discredit APR. Here are four reasons why: #1 Because APR is About Choice If the abortion industry ever acknowledged the efficacy of APR, it would place them in an untenable position. Currently, the industry monopolizes the word, “Choice.” If they ever admit APR works, it is reasonable to expect any provider of “choice” to share APR information with its clientele. They’ll never do this, so the industry’s only option is to dismiss APR.

Operation Save America: We Serve a God Who Answers by Fire

Reminiscent of the days of Elijah and the false prophets of Baal, Operation Save America and the pro-abort group Garbage Fyre Festival squared off at the state Capitol in Madison, Wisconsin yesterday, Thursday, July 18th. Madison became the Mount Carmel showdown between good and evil in our day. Operation Save America provided a 3 fold witness to the Wisconsin state government officials that reside in Madison. First, there was a paid ad in the Capital Times that contained an Open Letter to the Magistrates and Citizens of Wisconsin. This ad called upon them to rise up and break the covenant of death established by Roe vs. Wade that has produced a culture of death savaging our nation. Second, there was a team established outside the Capital to bear witness to the truth. Signs, literature and the preaching of God's word went forth, while the Garbage Fyre Festival mocked Christ with vile blasphemies. Third, a lobbying team went to each Wisconsin legislator to remind them of t

How Pregnancy Centers Prevent the Exponential Trauma of Abortion, One Conversation at a Time.

Pregnancy Help News By Susanne Maynes - Posted at Pregnancy Help News: As we reviewed her pregnancy history, I asked the young woman how she was doing emotionally in terms of her past abortion. Eyes downcast, she shrugged slightly and softly replied, “I did what I had to do.” She didn’t say, “I’m glad I had the abortion.” She didn’t tell me it made her feel proud, or that it got her life back, or that it made her a better person. Just, “I did what I had to do.” In other words, she saw no other option. She lacked the hope, vision and resources for any other outcome. She felt trapped and acted accordingly. Her simple sentence is the most positive statement about a past abortion I’ve heard in ten years of pregnancy center work—and it isn’t very positive at all. Abortion providers and proponents want us to believe that women are happy about the abortions they have undergone. They’ve been trying to get women to rally and testify that abortion has been a good thing in their lives—a li

A Culture of Death Pushed Back

Source: The Writing on the Wall By Vicky Kaseorg - Posted at The Writing on the Wall: It was a hot day, spits of rain making our volunteers scurry for umbrellas. Thus far, we’d had few interactions with the women intent on abortion. That is not to say we were discouraged. Most of us have been out there for years and know that God has the victory when we show up. We were there. Sweaty, bedraggled by rain, but there. Every woman who entered the abortion center heard our gentle pleas to trust God, not changeable circumstances or feelings. Every woman had heard the truth of her baby’s development, and God’s beautiful design, plan, and love for each precious one now in imminent danger. Every woman had been offered help and resources. We knew we had done all we could do and now it was up to that woman and God to alter the day’s outcome. A van pulled over for one of our counselors. There were several smiling children in the car. The mother of the happy brood rolled down her window a

Abortion, Infanticide, And The Gospel

By Pastor Andrew Barnes - Posted at Sermon Audio : Link: Scripture Text: Psalm 106:32-48 Isaiah 5:20

Social Justice Warriors Target OSA's National Event

By Rev. Rusty Thomas, Operation Save America Dear Champion of the Lord and the Preborn, God said, "All they that hate me love death" (Proverbs 8:36b). The lovers of death are coming. What do Drag Queen Story Hour , feminist Burlesque dancers (strippers), 'The Daily Show' co-creator Lizz Winstead, stand-up comedian and " The Young Turks " regular Aida Rodriguez, Al Jazeera Media correspondent Francesca Fiorentini, transgender comedian Jaye McBride, the National Organization for Women , Madison Abortion Defense , Democrat Socialists for America, Indivisible Madison, Showing Up For Racial Justice Milwaukee , One Wisconsin Now , Abortion Access Front , Women's Medical Fund , Planned Parenthood , witches, feminists, immigration activists, and homosexual activists have in common? They're all planning to protest OSA. Abortion Access Front is hosting the protest called, "Garbage Fyre Festival." "Only you can put out