The SC Heartbeat Bill is NOT a Pro-Life Bill

Columbia Christians for Life ( CCL )
aka Christians for Life and Liberty ( CLL )
Columbia, South Carolina
September 30, 2019 / Revised October 18, 2019 / Revised November 1, 2019

The SC Heartbeat Bill is NOT a Pro-Life Bill

Incremental Child-Murder ‘Regulation’ Bills like the SC Heartbeat Bill do not Establish Justice ...


SC Heartbeat Bill H3020 Full Senate Medical Affairs Committee Meeting , chaired by Senator Danny Verdin (R-Laurens) is scheduled for Tuesday,  November 5, 2019, 10:00 am, SC Senate Gressette Building (Room 105), vicinity State House, Columbia, SC

Agenda Available
Live Broadcast [ Find link on Senate Meeting Schedule at: ]
Live Broadcast - Audio Only [ Find link on Senate Meeting Schedule at: ]

Principled Pro-Personhood Christians:

Please call / text / e-mail the 10 Republican SC Senators below on the 17-man Senate Medical Affairs Committee to Vote "No" to the incremental, child-murder 'regulation' Heartbeat Bill H3020 IN THE FULL COMMITTEE on Tuesday, November 5, 2019 !!!

( Public testimony in SC Senate for H3020 was September 10; Subcommittee debate and 4Y - 3N vote was Tuesday, October 22 )

Be sure to tell them you are a principled, pro-personhood pro-lifer.

Pro-personhood means pro-personhood, not pro-personhood PLUS pro-incremental "regulation" of child-murder. The Heartbeat Bill protects NO UNBORN CHILDREN prior to detection of a heartbeat !!! To vote for yet another incremental child-murder "regulation" bill after over 25 years of passing such wicked legislation in the SC Legislature is PERPETUATING child-murder by "abortion" in South Carolina instead of ENDING it !!!

Tell these 10 Republican SC Senators it is NOT a Pro-Life vote to vote to incrementally "regulate" the murder of children in the womb !!!


Being "Pro-Life" Biblically means agreeing with God regarding the Sanctity of Human life which He Created !!

Senator Danny Verdin, Full Committee Chairman
Senator Shane Martin, H3020 Subcommittee Chairman
Senator Thomas Alexander
Senator Paul Campbell
Senator Richard Cash

Senator Tom Corbin
Senator Tom Davis
Senator Mike Gambrell
Senator Harvey Peeler
Sandy Senn

ALL Heartbeat bills have a huge “EXCEPTION”

Detection of an unborn child's heartbeat occurs at six weeks or later:

The Heartbeat Bill does NOT protect ALL children !!!
The Heartbeat Bill allows the killing of ALL children before detection of a heartbeat.
The Heartbeat Bill protects NONE of these children below:

Here is a picture of a baby in the womb at six weeks.

Here is a picture of a six week old baby who has been miscarried.

Here is a picture of part of a baby aborted at 6 weeks after conception.

The Heartbeat Bill does not establish justice ...

Therefore, for any SC Senator to vote for the unjust Heartbeat Bill [ H3020 ] is a violation of his Oath of Office.

Each of the four SC Senators*** who voted for the Heartbeat Bill in Subcommittee on October 22, 2019 did so in violation of his sworn Oath of Office.

*** Shane Martin, Richard Cash, Tom Corbin, Mike Gambrell

Excerpts from testimony given by Christian pro-life missionary opposing incremental child-murder "regulation" Heartbeat Bill before Constitutional Laws Subcommittee of SC House Judiciary Committee, March 21, 2019: [ emphasis added ]

"The Heartbeat Bill does not establish justice for all human beings at fertilization, but chooses a biological benchmark which may occur and be detected a month and a half, or later, after fertilization, and allows all human beings in the womb prior to that point to be exterminated."

"The Oath of Office concludes with the words "preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of this State and of the United States, So Help me God." [ Note: This Oath is found in the South Carolina Constitution, Article III., Section 26. ] So the Oath includes not only upholding the State Constitution, but also the U.S. Constitution. Preamble of the U.S. Constitution includes among the purposes for which the Constitution was ordained and established, that of to "establish Justice"."

"Therefore, because the Heartbeat Bill does not "establish Justice" for any human beings prior to approximately 6 weeks old, it violates the Preamble of the U.S. Constitution, which SC Representatives are sworn to "preserve, protect, and defend." "

( Audio / Transcript / Report )
'Heartbeat Bill does not establish justice for all human beings at fertilization':
Christian pro-life missionary testifies against incremental 'Heartbeat' Bill at SC House Judiciary Subcommittee Hearing - March 21, 2019 22, 2019 / Revised March 25, 2019


Establishment “pro-life” / “pro-family” and religious organizations supporting the incremental child-murder “regulation” H3020 SC Heartbeat Bill include:

1. SC Citizens for Life
South Carolina chapter of Vatican - proxy National Right to Life; SCCL Executive Director Holly Gatling; SCCL President Lisa van Riper

2. Palmetto Family
Affiliated with Focus on the Family; Palmetto Family President Joshua Putnam

3. Roman Catholic Diocese in South Carolina
Represented by the Diocese public policy arm, called the Catholic Conference, Director Michael Acquilano

4. South Carolina Baptist Convention
Represented by Joe Mack, “Director, South Carolina Baptist Convention”, as per this ecumenical Joint Letter signed along with the Roman Catholic Diocese in South Carolina.

See additional details on who and what organizations are supporting incremental “regulation” of child-murder in the Report below on the two September 10, 2019
Hearings conducted before the H3020 SC Senate Medical Affairs Subcommittee:

[ Report ]

SC Senate Hearings (2) for Heartbeat Incremental Child-Murder 'Regulation' Bill H3020 - Sept 10, 2019

The SC Heartbeat Bill does not Establish Justice ...

Those who support legislation to incrementally 'regulate' child-murder demonstrate a lack of understanding of the Nature and Purpose of Law; such legislation which "allow[s] or injoin[s] us to commit" child-murder, is an offense to "both the natural and the divine." How many persons must a murderer murder to be a murderer? Answer. One.

William Blackstone
Commentaries on the Laws of England ( 1765-1769)
Volume I, Books I & II
pp. title, 25, 28, 29 [ 1863 ]

"Upon these two foundations, the law of nature and the law revelation, depend all human laws; That is to say, no human laws should be suffered to contradict these." [ emphasis added ]


From ecumenical, incrementalist Palmetto Family:

South Carolina Needs To Pass The Heartbeat Bill [ sic ]


From Columbia Christians for Life:

"Good" is the Enemy of God's Best.

[ paraphrase from Oswald Chambers devotional, "My Utmost For His Highest" ]

The Heartbeat Bill ( H3020)
is the Enemy of
the Personhood Bill ( H3920).

Please Call / Email / Text the 10 Republican SC Senators below to say NO MORE ( after 25 plus years ) of the "regulation" of child-murder, and Vote ”NO” to the "abortion"- perpetuating Heartbeat Bill, and Vote ”NO” IN THE SUBCOMMITTEE on Tuesday, November 5, 2019 !!!

History of Personhood Legislation in South Carolina ( 1998 - 2018 )

Personhood Act of South Carolina - 2019 - H3920

To vote ”YES” in the Committee is to greatly increase the likelihood of passage of the unbiblical, unjust, incremental, child-murder "regulation" Heartbeat Bill ( H3020) on the floor of the SC Senate.

In light of the fact the Heartbeat Bill has already passed the fake "pro-life" [sic] Republican-SUPER-MAJORITY SC House [ albeit with selectively pro-“abortion” Rep Nancy Mace's (R) " exceptions" amendment to allowcontinued killing of rape and incest babies, even with a heartbeat detected ], and now has also passed the H3020 Senate Subcommittee on October 22, 2019 [ with the "exceptions" for rape and incest removed ], to vote ”YES” in the Senate Medical Affairs Committee may be tantamount to passing the unjust child-murder "regulation" Heartbeat Bill into law. Governor McMaster, supposedly pro-personhood ( really ?), is expected to sign the incremental child-murder "regulation" Heartbeat Bill into law if passed by both the fake ‘pro-life’ [sic] Republican-Super-Majority SC House and the fake ‘pro-life’ [sic] Republican-Majority SC Senate.

Please Call / Email / Text these 10 Republican SC Senators: [ additional contact info at ]

Senator Danny Verdin, Full Committee Chairman [ ] [ (864) 682-8914 (H) / (864) 984-4129 (W) ]

Senator Shane Martin, H3020 Subcommittee Chairman [ ] [ 864-804-8499 (C) ]

Senator Thomas Alexander [ ] [ (864) 638-2153 (H) / (864) 638-2988 (W) ]

Senator Paul Campbell [ ] [ (843) 569-0089 (H) / (843) 296-1001 (W) ]

Senator Richard Cash [ ] [ 864-505-2130 (C) / (803) 212-6124 (W) ]

Senator Tom Corbin [ ] [ Ph. 864-834-9915 (W) ]

Senator Tom Davis [ ] [ (843) 252-8583 (W) ]

Senator Mike Gambrell [ ] [ Ph. 864-369-0613 (H) / 864-844-3614 (W) ]

Senator Harvey Peeler [ ] [ (864) 489-3766 (H) / (864) 489-9994 (W) ]

Senator Sandy Senn [ ]


God says,

"Hate the evil, and love the good, and establish judgment in the gate: ..."
Amos 5:15, KJV

Pass Personhood, Establish Justice, NOW !!!


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