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1 in 6 churchgoers have had, paid for or encouraged an abortion, survey finds

By Ryan Foley - Posted at The Christian Post: Published August 29, 2023 One out of every six regular churchgoers in the United States has had, paid for or encouraged an abortion, while one-fifth doesn't believe the Bible identifies when life begins, a new study suggests. The Family Research Council's Center for Biblical Worldview released the " Survey on Adult Churchgoers on Social Issues and Worldview " last week. Based on 1,009 interviews of American adults who attend church services at least once a month, the study was conducted in June 2023 by Center for Biblical Worldview and prominent Evangelical pollster George Barna. The survey examined respondents' views on abortion and found that 16% of respondents "admitted to having ever paid for, encouraged, or chosen to have an abortion." While nearly two-thirds (65%) of those surveyed stated that the Bible identifies when human life begins, 21% disagreed, while 14% did not know. Continue here.

What a Wonder Is a Human Being!

 Posted at I gently lift the baby from his cradle and hold him gingerly in my arms. He wiggles, he kicks, he grunts, and then, settling for just a moment, he seems to gaze at me inquisitively. I look at his little hands as they grasp my thumb and I wonder: What blessings will come to others through these hands? Will they one day hold a scalpel to heal the sick or one day hold a Bible to preach the truth? What shoulders will they rest on, what eyes will they dry? How will these hands be part of God’s purpose for his world, his purpose for his people? I look at his little feet, bare and flailing in the air and before I tuck the blanket back around them I wonder: On what missions of mercy will these feet take him? Where will he go? Whom will he serve? What will God call him to? How will these feet be used by God to fulfill his purpose and carry out his plan? Read more...

Preborn Baby Partially Removed From Womb for Lifesaving Heart Surgery, Then Put Back and Born 10 Weeks Later

 Posted at The Culture Alternative: It is beyond me how you can argue for abortion up to the time of birth. My only explanation is it is evil. Let us continue to pray for the Way of Life which is the way of Jesus. Thanks be to God for the surgeons who performed this miracle. Rylan Harrison Drinnon had a malignant tumor on his heart, causing a dangerous buildup of fluid around his heart and other organs that would eventually kill him. Before doctors at Cleveland Clinic could perform a lifesaving surgery to remove the tumor, they had to perform another surgery first. They had to cut him out of his mother’s womb. “We started seeing signs that the cardiac function was deteriorating. We needed to act quickly and decisively to rescue the fetus,” Dr. Darrell Cass, director of Cleveland Clinic’s Fetal Surgery and Fetal Care Center , said. Read more... 

A Mother’s Day That Almost Didn’t Happen

By John Hawkins - Posted at Lutherans for Life : “See what kind of love the Father has given to us, that we should be called children of God; and so we are” (1 John 3:1 ESV). Mother’s Day will soon be here! For most Christians, this is a happy day in the Lord often observed with close family. Indeed, both the joys of motherhood and being an offspring are celebrated to the glory of God! (This is not to overlook those who are struggling with infertility or other issues on this day.) But for one young lady a few years ago, the chance to celebrate Mother’s Day almost didn’t happen—and only did because of Lutherans For Life. Please let me explain. Continue reading...

Don’t Abort Down’s Babies

By Lisa Shaw - Posted at The New American : Since the Supreme Court decision on Roe v. Wade in 1973, abortion has claimed the lives of untold millions. Each of these lives is as important as the other, regardless of sex, color, race, or health. Not one life is more deserving than another of a chance to live. Yet it seems that a certain group has been targeted with a vengeance for extinction, calling many pro-lifers to immediate action, not just in America, but worldwide. A chromosomal abnormality, Down syndrome has become the spotlight of the abortion debate, as the fight to eradicate the condition is being met with determination to save the lives of those diagnosed with it. A Bleak Future, and Present The future of children diagnosed with this disease seems bleak, especially in countries such as Iceland intent on eliminating the deficiency by eliminating those who carry it. Prenatal tests were introduced in the early 2000s in the country, and while optional, nearly 85 percent

Ireland: 'Anti-abortion activists stage massive march in Dublin'

By Sheetal Sukhija - Posted at Dublin News : Tens of thousands of anti-abortion activists marched through Dublin The activists demanded the retention of Ireland’s restrictive laws on terminations The 'Save the Eighth' rally came days after thousands of pro-choice campaigners held a similar demo DUBLIN, Ireland - Dublin witnessed a mass demonstration involving tens of thousands of anti-abortion activists, calling for the Eighth Amendment to be retained on Saturday. The anti-abortion activists marched through Dublin in what they called the “Save the Eight” rally, which comes days after thousands of pro-choice campaigners held a similar demo in the Irish capital. Continue reading...

Pro-life advocate talks about being saved from abortion

Pro-life activist Christina Bennett speaks Tuesday at Mississippi State University's Old Main Academic Center.  - Photo by: Devin Edgar/Dispatch Staff By Devin Edgar - Posted at The Dispatch : In 1981, Christina Bennett's mother walked into a Connecticut abortion clinic, with plans to undergo the procedure. She had even paid for the procedure when a clinic custodian approached her in the waiting room. "The custodian told her that 'God would grant her the strength to have this baby,'" Bennett told an audience gathered Tuesday in the Old Main Academic Center auditorium. "So, she walked out of the clinic and the rest is history. And now, here I am. "I would have been dismembered, thrown into the trash and completely erased from history," she added. "So, people can say that it is a choice to get an abortion, but it is a violent one." Continue reading... 

‘Ruling Elder’ in Presbyterian PCA Church Running for Texas Governor Says He ‘Supports’ Roe v. Wade

By Heather Clark - Posted at Christian News Network: Photo Credit: Andrew White for Governor Facebook page - Christian News Network HOUSTON, Texas — A ruling elder at a Presbyterian PCA church in Texas who is running for the governor of Texas is raising concern after he recently advised during an interview with Texas Public Radio that while he and his wife personally would not obtain an abortion, he believes in upholding the so-called “right to choose” for others. Andrew White is an elder at Christ the King Presbyterian Church in Houston, and is also running as a Democrat in the race for governor. On Jan. 26, White was interviewed by David Martin Davies about his position on various issues affecting the state of Texas, including abortion. “There is a kerfuffle happening in the race about you and your position on Roe v. Wade,” Davies noted. “Some people have accused you of being soft on keeping abortion legal.” “I disagree,” White replied. “I support Roe v. Wade 100 perce

Cloned monkeys spur warnings against human cloning

Image Source: Institute of Neuroscience of Chinese Academy of Sciences By David Roach - Posted at Baptist Press: SHANGHAI (BP) -- The first-ever primates cloned through a technique that produced Dolly the sheep have been cited by Christian bioethicists as a potentially valuable development in animal research. But they warned that two monkeys engineered by Chinese researchers must not become a step toward cloning humans. The cloning method used by the Chinese scientists "should not become a test case for the perfection of human cloning techniques," said Raymond Johnson, a Pennsylvania pastor who received a financial award from Trinity International University last year to help him study the relationship between Christianity and science. "While lauded as a valuable scientific breakthrough," Johnson, pastor of The Journey Church in West Chester, Pa., told Baptist Press, "even a quiet inference fortified by this experiment that human li

A Woman With Birth Defects Looks At Abortion

The Outspoken TULIP Posted at The Outspoken TULIP: When doctors discovered that I had serious birth defects, they advised my mother to put me in an institution and forget she ever had me. According to them, I’d be a vegetable my entire life. (Thus John refers to me as his spicy little tomato.) Thankfully, Mom rejected their counsel, put me through college and lived to see me get married a month before my 49th birthday. My mother didn’t raise a turnip, thank you very much! All joking aside, I understand that the doctors sincerely believed they made a humane recommendation. Certainly, because they doubted that I had cognitive function, they concluded that I couldn’t possibly tell the difference between a loving home and an institution. And, more importantly (from their perspective), my parents would be spared the anguish of having a severely disabled child. Continue reading here.

Hospital Refuses Care for Premature Baby

Posted at Hoosiers for Life: The Millers were told there was no plan to help him live. No matter what, because he was not yet 23 weeks gestation, the plan was to let River die. Without an advanced neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) at Ball Memorial, the doctors said they could not and would not try to save River. Dear Friend, A tiny baby boy named River is someone who will be ingrained in my memory forever. His life was short, his story tragic. I met his family this summer and promised to help them share his life and story with the world. Andrew and Mackenzie Miller’s first baby, River, was born early and left to die. Once River was born, the doctors and nurses at Ball Memorial Hospital refused any type of medical intervention, despite pleas from his family to help. Mackenzie Miller was admitted to Ball Memorial hospital in preterm labor at only 22 weeks and 1 day gestation. In order for her baby to even have a chance to survive, medical intervention was a must. “Please,

What Advice Should Clergy Give To a Woman Pregnant By Rape?

By Rebecca Kiessling - Posted at Save the 1: Clergy need to get this one right! Save The 1 has published two recent stories in which the pregnant rape victims' clergy not only advised them that's it's acceptable to abort, but actually encouraged them to do so. One rape victim went through with the abortion, and the other did not. In other words, a pastor was responsible for the death of an innocent unborn child. Nicole W. Cooley, in her story, A Tale of Two Mothers Who Were Pregnant By Rape , writes: "Unfortunately, the only specific advice came from my pastor. She told me, 'Let me put your heart at ease. In the eyes of the church, any decision, prayerfully considered, is okay. In your case, I think you should have an abortion. You need to be able to move past this. You should have an abortion.' "She went on to tell me about her two daughters who had also faced unplanned pregnancies. One had chosen adoption, the other abortion, and both wer

Begging The Question, Abortion, And Slavery

By Dr. R. Scott Clark - Posted at The Heidelblog: Given America’s sad history with slavery and the shame with which it is regarded today one might think that defenders of Roe v Wade (1973) would be a little more cautious about the rhetoric they use in defense of what they regard as an absolute right to abortion. The two are connected. Recently, defenders of Roe v Wade (1973) submitted enough requests to the State of Nebraska to justify a license plate that reads, “My Body, My Choice.” They did so in response to a pro-life plate that said, “Choose Life.” The rhetoric “My Body, My Choice” is essentially identical to one of the defenses for chattel slavery as practiced by Americans in the 18th and 19th centuries. Slave owners argued that slaves were their property and it is no one else’s business what they did with their property. Paul Finkelman writes, “[th]roughout the Revolution, southern politicians argued that slaves were property, not persons” (p. 113). Were human beings capa

Surrogate who refused abortion speaks to WFAA-TV

Image Source: WFAA-TV By Monica Hernandez - Posted at WFAA-TV:   "This was, of course, a difficult decision, especially because he’s not my baby. I understood how scared the biological parents must have been. I remembered how scared and confused I was when I got pregnant with my own twins. I was twenty years old, had not planned for the prospect of having one, yet alone two children and was frightened. I remember thinking, how much easier it would all be if there were easy answers. I did not consider an abortion even if, at that moment, it would have made things a-lot [sic] easier. Instead, at twenty years old and with no idea how I could afford or care for twins, I chose to provide them life. That decision was the best decision I’ve ever made. My children have been my biggest blessings and my greatest treasures." A baby at the center of a legal battle and national debate will receive life-saving surgery after a lengthy showdown between his biological parents and the

Longest-frozen-embryo baby 'from the Lord,' mother says

By Diana Chandler - Posted at Baptist Press: KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (BP) -- A 26-year-old mother gives all credit to the Lord after she gave birth to a baby girl from a donated embryo frozen more than 24 years, considered a record in cryopreservation births. "People say it's science. No, I say it's purely the Lord," Tina Gibson told the NBC affiliate WBIR in a Dec. 19 video posted on Facebook. "This is a gift from the Lord for sure." The Christian-based National Embryo Donation Center (NEDC) in Knoxville, Tenn., announced the birth Dec. 19, noting it as a historical record of the longest-frozen embryo to lead to a healthy birth. Emma was born to Tina and Benjamin Gibson Nov. 25, weighing 6 lbs., 8 ounces, and measuring 20 inches long. "That's just the kind of God that we serve that He would do something like that for us. It's just precious," the mother said. "She's precious, She's perfect." Continue reading here. 

Un-Sacred Spaces: Theology to Justify Abortion

By Pastor Jim Jenkins - Posted at Herescope : “In almost every message to our staff, I talk about our doing sacred work,” Dr. Laura Meyers, president and CEO of Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington, told the news outlet. “This confirms the sacredness of the work we do.” Later, she said pro-lifers “tried to separate those of us working on or supporting the right of women to choose a from a sense of deep spirituality . So today is a shift in that narrative .”[1] [emphasis added] Clergy blessing Planned Parenthood [2] “...the whole world lieth in wickedness.” (1 John 5:19b) The occasion for my controversial remarks to a group of pastors happened shortly after the grand opening of the new Planned Parenthood facility in Eugene, Oregon. The mayor (the former head of the local Planned Parenthood organization) had been effusive in her praise of the work of Planned Parenthood. The ceremony was replete with all the trappings one might expect at the opening of a hospita

What’s Wrong with Wrongful Birth?

By Sandy Salmon - Posted at Caffeinated Thoughts : On June 2nd of this year, the Iowa Supreme Court recognized for the first time that parents have a right to a “wrongful birth” claim. In the case before them, they ruled that parents of a child born with severe disabilities may bring a medical negligence lawsuit based on the doctors’ failure to inform them of prenatal test results showing abnormalities that would have allowed them to exercise their option to abort their child. This particular lawsuit is known as a wrongful birth claim. The parents did not argue, as would be typical in a tort case, that the doctors’ negligent care caused their child’s disability and that therefore they were seeking damages to remedy that. Instead, their argument centered on this: that had the doctors properly counseled them about the test results; they would have chosen to abort their baby. This complaint is the essence of a wrongful birth claim. Earlier, in this case, a lower court judge had

Phoenix woman gives birth to baby she carried outside of womb

Rob Schumacher/The Arizona Republic Victor Perfecto of Phoenix gently caresses his new son Azelan Cruz Perfecto at PCH in Good Samaritan Hospital in Phoenix. On Monday, Nicolette Soto gave birth to the baby, whom she carried in her abdomen, not in her womb. By Richard Ruelas - Posted at : In a pregnancy that defied the odds, a Phoenix woman gave birth Monday to a baby she had carried just outside her uterus, a feat so rare that doctors couldn't say for sure whether such a birth had ever occurred before. Azelan Cruz Perfecto began the day in a precarious position, surrounded by a thin wall of membrane and muscle just outside the safety of his mother's womb. Doctors knew they needed to operate to get him out, fearing that if they waited too long, his protective bubble would burst. His mother, Nicollete Soto, 27, of Phoenix, had been advised by doctors that carrying the baby brought risk to both his life and hers, but she wanted to see the pregnancy through, sa

From Victimhood to Motherhood, I Chose Joy

By Paula K. Peyton - Posted at Save the 1 : During my pregnancy, I read stories of other women who had become pregnant by rape, sometimes twice daily. Those stories were a source of hope and made me feel like I wasn't alone and reaffirmed that it was normal to love my child. I'm writing my story now in the hope that other woman will know that they are not alone, but I also feel that I owe it to my son to advocate for babies like him. Six years ago, through some friends who worked there, I took a volunteer position with Planned Parenthood as an outreach HIV tester and counselor, so I was out in the community and really never spent time at the clinic, except for the certification training. Being in the abortion clinic made me uncomfortable to know that in another room down the hallway there is a baby dying. I took the position because I wanted to help people know their status with HIV. At that point in time, I described myself as “personally pro-life, but politically

Conscience, Corruption, and the Abortion Business Cover-Up

By David Fiorazo As I drove by what may be the only Planned Parenthood clinic in Wisconsin yesterday, on the sidewalk out front was a woman holding a “Defend Life” sign with a photo of a baby. God bless her and all those who have taken action, prayed, or raise awareness about the ongoing slaughter of life in mother’s wombs across the land. Most of us know what the Bible teaches about the value of every human life. Heck, even the animal kingdom knows how to protect their own. And yet, according to our laws, eliminating life in the womb for any reason is legal and acceptable including late term, partial-birth abortion. This regardless of the fact science and biology now confirm a baby’s heart starts beating 22 days after conception, and they can feel pain by at least 20 weeks. But do we really know when life begins? This question was asked during legal arguments in the Supreme Court case, Roe V. Wade in 1972-73. Granted, they did not have the advances in technology we do today incl