Pro-life advocate talks about being saved from abortion

Pro-life activist Christina Bennett speaks Tuesday at Mississippi State University's Old Main
Academic Center.  - Photo by: Devin Edgar/Dispatch Staff

By Devin Edgar - Posted at The Dispatch:

In 1981, Christina Bennett's mother walked into a Connecticut abortion clinic, with plans to undergo the procedure.

She had even paid for the procedure when a clinic custodian approached her in the waiting room.

"The custodian told her that 'God would grant her the strength to have this baby,'" Bennett told an audience gathered Tuesday in the Old Main Academic Center auditorium. "So, she walked out of the clinic and the rest is history. And now, here I am.

"I would have been dismembered, thrown into the trash and completely erased from history," she added. "So, people can say that it is a choice to get an abortion, but it is a violent one."
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