Personhood Prayer Alert

Personhood Prayer Alert: 

Christians, please pray now for SC Sen Shane Massey and the Republican Senate Caucus to have the WILL to set S217 Personhood Bill for Special Order TODAY Tues March 27 in Senate chamber session which begins @ 2PM 

(Video) Re: S217 Personhood Bill - SC Senate chamber session Thurs March 22:  Republican-majority Senate refused once again to set S217 for Special Order during the nearly daily Motion Period. 

To view video go here:

 South Carolina Legislature Video Archives

Then click on the video near top of the  archived list, entitled: "Thursday, March 22, 2018, 11:00 am, Senate - Senate, 1:56:34"

When the video comes up, point the cursor on the sliding time bar to 1:54:00 near the end of last Thurday's Senate session, and observe the next 30 seconds or so to watch how (business-as-usual) Sen Hugh Leatherman (RINO-Florence) moved for the rest of the Motion Period to be dispensed with, and how the entire rest of the Senate allowed that motion to be agreed to; as the President of the Senate (Lt Gov Kevin Bryant) called for Ayes first, then Noes from the Senators regarding Leatherman's Motion. Notice there were no audible responses to either the call for Ayes or Noes, however the announcement was  made by the Lt Gov, the Ayes have it, and Leatherman's Motion (to dispense with the balance of the Motion Period) was  agreed to (by the Senate body).

This is how many legislative days have gone by without S217 being set for Special Order.  It is NOT because the Republican-majority Senate CANNOT do it; rather it is because the Republican-majority Senate WILL NOT.

The written record is also available here in the Senate Journal for March 22, 2018:

Senate Journal for 3/22/2018 - South Carolina Legislature Online

Bottom line: no Senator is on the written or video record as having opposed Leatherman's Motion on March 22.