Resources for Life

After Abortion Help

Abortion Changes You:


Restore After Abortion:

Word of Hope (Lutherans for Life):

Establishing Personhood for the Preborn

Christians for Personhood:

Personhood Act of South Carolina:

History of Personhood Legislation in South Carolina (1998-2018):

Human Trafficking

Healing from Abuse (The Darling Princess):

PACT (Partners Against Child Trafficking):

Shared Hope International

Sidewalk Counseling Tracts and Resources

7 Week Live Embryo Signs

8 Weeks Developing Unborn Baby (Literature)

A Baby is a Person (Banner) - Educational materials as well as T-shirts, bumper stickers, booklets, etc.:

Counseling Tract from Operation Save America - (Graphic image on the inside):

Did You Know? (Literature)

Gospel Tract: Is There a Way to be Saved? (Crossway)

Help After Abortion Card (Life Dynamics):

Little One (Posters):

Physicians for Life (Pro-Life Education and Medical Ethics):

Sidewalk Counseling Manual:

Sidewalks for Life Resources:

What is Abortion? 


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