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Christians for Personhood Publishes SC Senate Legislative Scorecard CHRISTIANS FOR PERSONHOOD 2019 SC Senate Legislative Scorecard Votes on “Abortion” / Planned Parenthood Funding in South Carolina State Budget (H.4000) [Part IB Provisos ] ________________________________________ 2019 SC Senate Legislative Scorecard Votes on “Abortion” / Planned Parenthood Funding in South Carolina State Budget (H.4000) The purpose of Christians for Personhood is to glorify God the Father, and the Lord Jesus Christ, Who is God the Son, in the power of God the Holy Spirit, by seeking to Establish Justice for pre-birth human beings, in law, at fertilization, and that without exception, because God’s Word says: “Thou shalt not kill (murder)”, Exodus 20:13, KJV. In furtherance of this purpose, the 27 SC Senate Republicans have been scored on four 2019 SC State Budget votes: “ABORTION” FUNDING IN SECTION 108 (PEBA): SC Senate (27 R, 19 D) passes entire Section 108 (PEBA), with SC state-funding of rape, incest, and s

Sermon: 'The Biblical Response to Abortion (Pt 1)'

From Christians for Life and Liberty: Sermon: 'The Biblical Response to Abortion (Pt 1)' Psalm 139, 13-16 Charles Swann, pastor Covenant Baptist Church Jan 19, 2020 ___ Including: - Support of use of graphic images to accurately convey truth of the horror of "abortion" [ murder ]. - Profile of "abortion" industry; Planned Parenthood reports murdering record high 345,000+ babies in ONE YEAR in most recent report; Planned Parenthood received record high $616+ MILLION of taxpayer dollars (primarily Medicaid) in ONE YEAR over same timeframe. - "... this is a human being, ... this is a person." - Graphic descriptions of suction curettage, RU-486, D&E, saline, and PBA methods of killing babies - "Conception is a miracle of God." Biblical reality of God's creative miracle at conception involving not only physical, biological body,

Sermon: 'Abortion. What are they thinking?'

By Dr. Stephen Pollack - Posted at Sermon Audio : Link:

What abortion advocates are really saying

By Susanne Maynes - Posted at Pregnancy Help News: What abortion advocates are really saying As a college student, I was taking notes in English class one day when the professor made a remark that stopped me in my tracks. I didn’t write down the comment because I immediately disagreed with it—yet that’s precisely why I still remember it. “Words are a woefully inadequate means of communication,” said the professor. “They fall far short of what we try to get across to others.” To this day, I believe quite the opposite. Imagine if you could only communicate with looks, body language or unintelligible grunts. Picture trying to get through even one day without being able to speak or understand the speech of others. If you’ve ever visited a country whose language you don’t know, you understand how that feels. Truth is, words are amazing. Speech is one of the marvelous ways human beings differ from animals. The words we speak reflect the reality that we are created in an


By Jamie Jeffries - Posted at Pro-Life Wife: I’ve often said that there is an extra level of difficulty to being a prolife advocate when you’re also a survivor of rape. I suppose being a survivor adds difficulty to a lot of areas in life, this being no exception. For myself being a rape survivor only solidifies my prolife position. But I know many people who don’t grasp why. I know many people who believe I should support abortion solely because I am a rape survivor. I’m told constantly that I’m as bad as the man who raped me. People claim that I force pregnancy, I control women’s bodies, and I use my power to inflict pain and anguish on a woman’s body. Simply because I see the unborn as innocent and deserving of life. I would never dream of sending a prochoice rape survivor rape porn, threats and wishes of more abuse, or tell them to kill themselves yet that fills my inbox regularly. Even survivors who do choose abortion or encourage others to choose abortion would never see me on

Pro-Life Idolatry

By Rev. Rusty Lee Thomas Don't be fooled by the title, PRO-LIFE IDOLATRY. This was written years ago to address the Kingdom successes and the abject sins of the Rescue movement in the context of the pro-life movement back in the day. Since the advent of the abolitionist movement, where our rhetoric, principles, and methodology have become more Gospel of the Kingdom centered and consistent with the truth of God's Law/Word, the battle from within and from without, however, remains the same. Certainly, as abolitionism spreads, more pro-life idolatry becomes exposed as we bear the cross to end the American holocaust God's way. As this takes place, however, we must realize the same temptations, tactics of the Evil One, and our own sinful nature can conspire to take us down, splinter the movement, divide the brethren unjustly, and give ammo to the heathen to blaspheme the Lord. As one wise man stated, "Those who don't know history are condemned to repeat it.&