By Jamie Jeffries - Posted at Pro-Life Wife:

I’ve often said that there is an extra level of difficulty to being a prolife advocate when you’re also a survivor of rape. I suppose being a survivor adds difficulty to a lot of areas in life, this being no exception.

For myself being a rape survivor only solidifies my prolife position. But I know many people who don’t grasp why. I know many people who believe I should support abortion solely because I am a rape survivor.

I’m told constantly that I’m as bad as the man who raped me. People claim that I force pregnancy, I control women’s bodies, and I use my power to inflict pain and anguish on a woman’s body. Simply because I see the unborn as innocent and deserving of life. I would never dream of sending a prochoice rape survivor rape porn, threats and wishes of more abuse, or tell them to kill themselves yet that fills my inbox regularly. Even survivors who do choose abortion or encourage others to choose abortion would never see me on their post calling them worthless pieces of trash or the C word but you can see both of those being thrown at me regularly in my comment sections.

It’s as if people want me to choose between being a survivor or being prolife but I’m not allowed to claim both.

The truth is I oppose abortion for the same reason I oppose rape. Both acts are someone in a power position using their body and will to cause harm to someone else’s body.