Sermon: 'The Biblical Response to Abortion (Pt 1)'

From Christians for Life and Liberty:

'The Biblical Response to Abortion (Pt 1)'
Psalm 139, 13-16

Charles Swann, pastor
Covenant Baptist Church
Jan 19, 2020


- Support of use of graphic images to accurately convey truth of the horror of "abortion" [ murder ].

- Profile of "abortion" industry; Planned Parenthood reports murdering record high 345,000+ babies in ONE YEAR in most recent report; Planned Parenthood received record high $616+ MILLION of taxpayer dollars (primarily Medicaid) in ONE YEAR over same timeframe.

- "... this is a human being, ... this is a person."

- Graphic descriptions of suction curettage, RU-486, D&E, saline, and PBA methods of killing babies

- "Conception is a miracle of God."
Biblical reality of God's creative miracle at conception involving not only physical, biological body, but also eternal soul and eternal spirit.

- Biblical revelation that it is God Who opens and closes the womb.

Luke 1:41
- "babe"/Gr. brephos
Luke 2:12
- "babe"/Gr. brephos
Luke 18:15,16
- "infants"/Gr. brephos
2 Timothy 3:14,15
- "child"/Gr. brephos

- In the Gospel of Jesus Christ, there is forgiveness for women who "aborted" their babies.

- To Christians: "All of us here; every one of us, are responsible, because we need to tell people. We need to declare the truth of God's Word regarding this. We need to be willing and able, and willing to offer, our assistance, our homes, our words, our comfort, our prayers, the Word of God, to these women, and I pray that we do."

CLL Notes:

1) There are no exceptions to the Biblical ban on "abortion"/murder.

2) The Scriptures in this sermon are from a Bible translated from a non-Majority-Text manuscript. However, the KJV and 1599 Geneva Bible translations are the best widely available representations in English of the Majority Traditional Text.


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