A Heartfelt Apology from the Editor:

I recently wrote and posted a memorial to Cletus Kiefer (aka Justice Mercy) who I thought was a legitimate Christian and who I knew from protesting abortion at the Granite City, IL abortion mill years ago. He completely fooled me - I thought he had been falsely accused of child abuse - I had no idea it was sexual abuse. After reading some comments from his family members, I realized his daughters stories are credible and he was a sexual predator. Christians are often too trusting of others and we need to be more discerning. If you have a nagging feeling things aren't right - investigate. I failed to do this and innocent people were hurt. 

May God forgive me.

Angela Wittman

Updated: 3.06.2023


  1. Yes, he was, and those who tried to expose him years ago, and the abuse were maligned and persecuted, publicly slandered and continue to be to this day.

  2. The Lord has vindicated them. May we all learn from this experience to not ignore "red flags."

  3. You are welcome. I'm glad the Lord brought his reign of terror to an end. He used Christians and the pro-life movement for his selfish purposes and he will answer for it. Praise God for His justice and mercy. :)

  4. He was good at hiding what he did. That's why he traveled a lot once people would catch on he would move.

    1. I also heard from a reliable source that he blocked his wife, Sue, from having contact with her sister who became suspicious of Cletus. We can learn much from this tragedy in order to help others.

  5. Cletus covered his tracks well - I can find no listing of him as a sex offender. The system let those children down; I hope more protections are put in place for children.


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