Illinois residents fight back after Indiana abortion provider buys property in small border city

Source: Live Action

 By Mark Lee Dickson - Posted at Live Action:

On a cold day in February, Illinois land surveyor Ted Hartke received a call from a realtor he had assisted with on real estate transactions many times before. But on this particular occasion, the realtor described a project to Hartke which gave him reason to pause. The realtor had presented a project which had a very short timeline, described as a “cash deal.” In a moment of doubt, Hartke blurted out, “I do not do surveys for marijuana stores.” The realtor quickly responded, “This is not a marijuana store.”

Hartke was still not comfortable taking the job. The “ASAP cash deal” transaction sounded like a larger than normal rush-job survey opportunity. Hartke then said to the realtor, “For the record, I’m going to be 100% upfront with you. The last time I did something like this, I was tricked into doing a site which became a marijuana store.” Hartke continued, “There are the four things I refuse to be associated with: Wind farms, solar farms, marijuana stores, and abortion clinics.”

According to Hartke, there was silence on the other line, followed by the realtor saying, “I am going to need to find another surveyor.”

In mid-March, McGhee Investment Group, LLC purchased a property located at 600 North Logan Avenue in Danville, Illinois (pop. 28,787). McGhee Investment Group, LLC, was formed in early February, and lists Ladonna Prince from Indianapolis, Indiana, as their registered agent. McGhee Investment Group, LLC lists Prince’s address as 3607 West 16th Street, Indianapolis, Indiana – which is the same address used for Clinic for Women – the abortion facility in Indianapolis, Indiana, which Ladonna Prince administers. The location of the planned abortion facility in Danville is 6 miles west of the Illinois-Indiana border and 85 miles from the abortion facility in Indianapolis.