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'Life Begins at Conception': Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt Signs Nation's Most Restrictive Abortion Ban into Law

By Milton Quintanilla - Posted at Christian Headlines : Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt signed the nation’s strictest abortion ban into law on Wednesday, banning the procedure from the moment of conception. House Bill 4327 went into effect immediately after Stitt signed it on Wednesday. It is considered the strictest abortion law in the nation because it restricts physicians from performing abortions at any point in the pregnancy except for in cases of rape, incest or a medical emergency. “I promised Oklahomans that as governor, I would sign every piece of pro-life legislation that came across my desk, and I am proud to keep that promise today. From the moment life begins at conception is when we have a responsibility as human beings to do everything we can to protect that baby’s life and the life of the mother,” Stitt said in a statement. Read more...

Who has most abortions? The data may (or may not) surprise you

 By Carole Novielli - Posted at Live Action: While any woman could find herself experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, statistically, there are some characteristics that are more common than others. It should surprise no one that those obtaining most abortions are women who are unmarried and in their 20s. But some of the other factors are less expected. This data comes from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as well as the Guttmacher Institute, which was once Planned Parenthood’s former “special affiliate” and research arm. According to the two groups: Most abortion clients are women in their 20s (60%* – 56.9%^) Most abortion clients have had a previous live birth (59%*-60%^) Most abortion clients are unmarried (45.9%*– 85.5%^) Black women account for most abortions committed later in pregnancy — 40% (120,121) of abortions between 0-13 weeks of pregnancy and 42% (10,100) at 14 weeks or later.^ Most abortion clients had a low income (75%*) Most abortion clients had at le

After Roe: What’s Our Job Now?

By George Grant - Posted at TableTalk Magazine:  Circumstances change. Laws, courts, and administrations come and go. Elections raise up and cast down the mighty. Popular opinion waxes and wanes. But through it all, the callings and responsibilities of Christians in this poor, fallen world remain the same. Taking our stand for life wasn’t first thrust upon us by the U.S. Supreme Court’s 1973 Roe v. Wade decision, and we are not relieved of that duty by its now likely overturning this year. The pro-life movement is not a recent phenomenon or innovation. Rather, it is two thousand years old. It was inaugurated on an old rugged cross, on a hill called Calvary. It is best known as Christianity. Caring for the helpless, the deprived, and the unwanted is not simply what we do; it is who we are. It always has been. It always will be. Life is God’s gift. It is His gracious endowment upon the created order. It flows forth in generative fruitfulness. The earth is literally teeming with life ( Ge

Toward a Principled Pro-Life Ethic in Post-Roe America

 By Tom Ascol - Posted at Founders Ministries : The Supreme Court of the United States’ possible reversal of the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion is reason for Christians and moral people everywhere to rejoice. Dobbs v. Jackson will go down in history as significant as Brown v. the Board of Education for overruling previous, unjust decisions by the Supreme Court. Much of the joy, however, has been drowned out by a vitriolic clash among pro-life Christians regarding how best to work for the abolition of abortion in our nation. Many traditional “pro-life” leaders feel threatened by those who insist, in the language of the 2021 Southern Baptist resolution, on “abolishing abortion immediately without exception or compromise.” Denny Burk, who opposed that resolution, believes it to be “a repudiation of the pro-life movement ” and claims that the messengers who overwhelmingly voted to adopt it were uninformed. Consequently, he is calling on Southern Baptists to attend the

A question that left an abortion activist speechless.

 By Shane Vander Hart  Congressman Mike Johnson of Louisiana provided a moment of moral clarity during the House Judiciary Committee hearing on abortion access. On Wednesday, the U.S. House Committee on the Judiciary held a hearing entitled " Revoking Your Rights: The Ongoing Crisis in Abortion Care Access ." The committee held this hearing in light of the long-expected Supreme Court ruling in Jackson Women's Health Center v. Dobbs that could overturn Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey if a leaked draft majority opinion holds . U.S. Rep. Mike Johnson, R-La., asked one of the best questions that left an abortion activist temporarily speechless. Here's a transcript of his exchange with Aimee Arrambide, the executive director of Avow Texas , a group whose mission is "unapologetic abortion advocacy." Read more...

Documented Opposition of "Pro-Life" [sic] Establishment to Louisiana Personhood "Abortion" Abolition Bill HB813

By Steve Lefemine - Columbia Christians for Life : May 12 Open Letter from "Pro-Life" [sic] Establishment opposing Louisiana Personhood Abolition Bill HB813 because it criminalized women who have their babies killed  May 12, 2022 "An Open Letter to State Lawmakers from America's Leading [sic] Pro-Life [sic] Organizations"    'Louisiana House removes murder charge for women from abortion bill' NBC News May 12, 2022  CCL: Among the 80+ signers of this May 12 Open Letter opposing Louisiana Personhood Abolition Bill HB813 were:  Lisa Van Riper President  Holly Gatling Exec Director, SC Citizens for Life (SC chapter of NRLC**)  **NRLC was originally organized in 1968 under the auspices of the then-National Conference of [Roman] Catholic Bishops; NRLC became officially autonomous in


 Posted at Christians for Personhood: Columbia, SC May 12, 2022 SC LEGISLATURE FINISHES 2022 REGULAR SESSION MAY 12; ADOPTED “SINE DIE” RESOLUTION TO COME BACK INTO SPECIAL SESSION JUNE 15-17 AND JUNE 28-30 FOR OTHER MATTERS, BUT NOT TO TAKE UP “ABORTION” LEGISLATION UNTIL AFTER JUNE 30 ! “REPUBLICANS” are a 65% majority in both the SC House and SC Senate; however by voting to delay debate on banning “abortion” until AFTER the Supreme Court Dobbs Case ruling o/a June 30 when Roe may possibly be overturned, means the SC Senate and SC House have effectively voted to possibly PERPETUATE CHILD-MURDER in South Carolina. Continue reading the report here.

No more murder charge for women in Louisiana abortion bill

 By Kevin McGill - Posted at Baptist Press: NEW ORLEANS (AP) – The sponsor of a bill that would have subjected Louisiana women to murder charges for having abortions abruptly pulled the proposal from debate Thursday night (May 12) after House members voted 65-26 to totally revamp the legislation, eliminating the criminal penalties. The controversial bill would have ventured farther against abortion than lawmakers’ efforts in any other state. It would have made women who receive abortions subject to criminal homicide prosecutions. “This is a thorny political question, but we all know that it is actually very simple. Abortion is murder,” Rep. Danny McCormick, a Republican from Oil City, proclaimed as he opened debate. He noted that a majority of Louisiana lawmakers in the heavily Republican Legislature say they are pro-life, and briefly chided those abortion opponents who also oppose his bill. “We’re faltering and trying to explain it away.” But McCormick’s measure had drawn increasingly

Why Pro-Lifers Support Laws to Punish Abortionists but Not Mothers

 By Denny Burk One of the perennial points of debate between pro-lifers and abortion advocates is why pro-lifers don’t support laws to punish women who obtain abortions. Some abortion proponents even argue that this is some sort of inconsistency on the part of pro-lifers—as if not prosecuting women who get abortions reveals that we don’t really believe an abortion actually kills a human being. More recently, abolitionists have agreed with abortion advocates on this point. Abolitionists contend that consistency requires pro-lifers to support the prosecution of the women who subject themselves to abortion procedures. So what’s going on here? Are pro-lifers inconsistent? Should we be passing laws to prosecute post-abortive women? I don’t believe we pro-lifers are at all inconsistent on this point, and I think it might be helpful for everyone to revisit the reasons mainstream pro-lifers have held this view for decades. Pro-lifers believe that it should be illegal to perform abortions. Thus

Pro-Life Ministries Have Been Caring For Women And Babies For Generations

 By Warren Cole Smith - Posted at Ministry Watch: OPINION–The idea that pro-lifers don’t care for babies after they are born has been a convenient slander hurled against pro-life Christians. To cite just one example, U.S. Rep. Barney Frank once said pro-lifers believe “life begins at conception and ends at birth.” The biggest problem with that clever line is that it is simply not true. More than 2500 pro-life Pregnancy Resource Centers (PRCs) are a compassionate army of staff, donors, and volunteers that number in the hundreds of thousands. They are committed to helping women make life-giving choices, and they often support these women for years after their babies are born. The total amount of money these organizations spend in support of women and babies is not known, but it likely exceeds $1 billion annually. We should also note that the vast majority of adoptions in this country are done by Christian families and through Christian adoption agencies. MinistryWatch lists 35 such

Senate effort to expand abortion rights beyond Roe fails again

 By Tom Strode - Posted at Baptist Press : WASHINGTON (BP)—The Democratic Party’s attempt to institute a vastly expansive right to abortion in federal law again died in the U.S. Senate Wednesday (May 11). As it had done in February, the Senate rejected an effort to consider the Women’s Health Protection Act (WHPA), voting 51-49 against invoking cloture. All Republicans, as well as Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia, opposed the procedural move, which required a supermajority of 60 senators to cut off debate so a vote on the bill could occur. The House of Representatives had already approved the legislation, and President Biden had endorsed it. The Senate also refused to call up essentially the same proposal in a 48-46 vote against invoking cloture Feb. 28. The Democrats’ fervor to defend the right to abortion intensified, however, with the May 2 publication of a leaked U. S. Supreme Court draft opinion that, if it becomes final, would strike down the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision

Sexual Immorality Promotes Abortion, Dignity Promotes Life

By Sunny Shell - Posted at Abandoned to Christ: Published February 9, 2013 No longer be deceived by Planned Parenthood's lies. January 22, 2013 marked the 40 year anniversary of Roe v. Wade ; since that day, nearly 60 million innocent, unborn babies have been slaughtered within, what ought to be the safest place on earth—their mother's womb. There are three basic positions on the topic of abortion: Pro-Life , Pro-Choice and what I call, "Pro-Inbetweeners". Pro-Life: life begins at conception ; babies are gracious gifts from God Almighty to the mother and father, whether or not they're deserving of such a precious gift; all human beings are created in God's image, therefore abortion, that is, terminating the life of an unborn child, should not be allowed for any reason; whether rape, incest, disabilities or even the possible death of the mother if she carries the child to full-term. Pro-Choice: the beginning of life is relative and uncertain; the unborn baby is

What’s Inside Abortion Supporters’ Illogical Resentment Against ‘Forced Birth’

 By Nathanael Blake - Posted at The Federalist: Liberalism has a reality problem — specifically, liberals believe that existence itself is the problem. For example, the liberal writer Thomas Chatterton Williams recently tweeted that it is “Hard to imagine anything more dystopian than being forced to give birth.” This language of “forced birth” has become common among liberal supporters of abortion. Yet this is an odd way to defend legal abortion. Birth is the natural, healthy conclusion of a pregnancy, which is itself a natural, healthy result of sexual intercourse. Describing giving birth as “forced” demonstrates hostility toward the reality of human embodiment and the natural process of human reproduction. One might as well complain of “forced digestion” or “forced breathing.” Read more...

Does The Pro-Life Movement Help Mothers?

By Samuel Sey - Posted at Slow to Write: One of the biggest myths about abortion today is that the pro-life movement doesn’t help mothers. But I guess that shouldn’t be surprising. Any culture that believes they’re helping mothers by encouraging them to kill their own children shouldn’t be expected to know what it really means to help mothers. When people who kill children are considered heroes—of course, people who save children will be considered villains. Therefore since the leak that America’s Supreme Court is set to revoke Roe v. Wade, critics of the pro-life movement have become even more devoted to that myth. The critics say the pro-life movement isn’t “pro-life from womb to tomb” or “holistically pro-life” . They say we’re just “pro-birth and anti-abortion” . They say we don’t care about mothers, we only care about babies; otherwise, we would support socialist healthcare, paid parental leave, “free” child care, and more. Essentially, they claim the pro-life movement doesn’t he

Senate Dems to Vote on 'Radical' Bill that Would Keep Abortion Legal Even if Roe Is Overturned

 By Michael Foust - Posted at Christian Headlines: Democratic leaders in the U.S. Senate say the body will vote next week on a controversial bill that would guarantee abortion remains legal in the United States even if the U.S. Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) made the announcement on Wednesday, less than 48 hours after a leaked Supreme Court draft opinion appeared to show the justices were seriously considering the overturning of Roe v. Wade. The bill, dubbed the “ Women’s Health Protection Act ,” would legalize abortion “without limitations” and overturn hundreds of state-level pro-life laws. Significantly, it would guarantee that abortion remains legal nationwide no matter how the Supreme Court rules. Read more...

My Slave, My Choice.

By Nathan Eshelman - Posted at Gentle Reformation: In chapter one of The Great Gatsby , the character Tom, spoke at a party and discussed the early twentieth-century science of racial theory. He said, “Civilization’s going to pieces...if we don’t look out the white race will be – will be utterly submerged. It’s all scientific stuff; it’s been proved…” The science that Tom was discussing, was based on Darwinian theories of evolution and natural selection. Darwin, in The Descent of Man explained his idea of natural selection over the "savage races" such as Black Africans. He said this explains why the “highest races and the lowest savages” differ in “moral disposition” and “intellect” (36). Blacks, according to Darwin, had “low morality,” “insufficient powers of reasoning,” and “weak power of self-command” (97). Darwin even differentiated humans from the "lower animals" when he said: “No one supposes that one of the lower animals reflects whence he comes or whither

A Molech Primer

 By Jesse Johnson - Posted at The Cripplegate: "God knew that child sacrifice was thriving in Israel, and so he warned the Israelites of it. It was so evil, he said, that anyone who did it deserved to die. But also, God said that anyone who looked away—who pretended not to see how evil it was—that person too should be cut off from Israel. In other words, there was no room to say 'not my family, not my problem.' The evil of child sacrifice is so extreme, turning the other way was itself a cowardly act sin." Ever since the Roe vs. Wade case main-streamed abortion in the United States, the ability to take the life of one’s baby has achieved a religious status. Judging by responses to news that Roe vs. Wade may be overturned, people have certainly responded as if their idols were under attack. I think it is helpful for Christians to understand that abortion does indeed function as a sort of sacrament in our society. But we are not alone. In the Old Testament, the Israelit

Will Roe go? The leak at the edge of history

 By Daniel Darling - Posted at Baptist Press: FORT WORTH, Texas (BP) – Last night, an unprecedented leak of the first draft of a Supreme Court decision was leaked to Politico , signaling that the Supreme Court, 49 years later, is poised to repeal Roe v. Wade . If this draft, and the at least five votes voting to allow the states to regulate and ban abortion holds, then we are witnessing history on two levels. First, the leak of a draft decision by the Court is an unprecedented assault on this sacred institution of American life. According to Politico, “No draft decision in the modern history of the court has been disclosed publicly while a case was still pending.” We can’t be sure, but it seems this document was leaked to put maximum pressure on the justices set to strike down Roe . This leak will create enormous pressure on the justices. They will be harassed from every side: in their social circles, by some in the media, who will likely look for incriminating details in their persona

Overturning Roe and the Attempt To Delegitimize SCOTUS

By Denny Burk I've been watching the fallout from last night’s bombshell leak of a draft opinion from the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade . Of course, this is only a draft and not the court’s final ruling. We won’t know for sure how the court has decided this case until the Court releases it final official ruling. But if this one holds, all I can say is Hallelujah. Roe v. Wade has presided over the legal killing of over 60 million human beings since 1973. That is the holocaust times ten. The regime of Roe v. Wade has effectively given us abortion-on-demand through all nine months of pregnancy. And with the body count piling up at a rate of hundreds of thousands per year, there is no question that legal abortion-on-demand is the greatest human rights crisis of our time. Nothing else comes close. If this ruling holds, it would send the issue back to the states, where state legislatures could decide whether or how to restrict abortion rights in their states. For many states

What To Do On a Day Like Today

By Pastor Benjamin Glaser - Posted at Thoughts from Parson Farms : Good Morning, Well, I was halfway through writing something completely different when news broke last night that there is a good possibility that the Supreme Court has voted, or will vote, to overturn the 1973 decision popularly known as Roe v. Wade. You’d have to be living under a rock to not know that this was the decision which federally legalized abortion in the United States. By the time I wake up and read this again everything may have changed. It is my deepest prayer it does not, for if this is true than praise be upon praise be upon praise. Psalm 118:14-17 says: The LORD is my strength and song, and is become my salvation. The voice of rejoicing and salvation is in the tabernacles of the righteous: the right hand of the LORD doeth valiantly. The right hand of the LORD is exalted: the right hand of the LORD doeth valiantly. I shall not die, but live, and declare the works of the LORD. There is nothing that comes

Abortion advocates express support for infanticide, having abortions ‘100 times’

By Cassy Fiano-Chesser - Posted at Live Action: The battle over abortion has clearly left the country divided. Pro-life lawmakers have been passing laws to save lives, while pro-abortion lawmakers have been working to expand abortion as quickly as possible. In some cases, like in California and Maryland , this has even led to bills containing language that many legal experts believe allow loopholes for legal infanticide. It begs the question of just how far abortion activists are willing to go to protect the killing of preborn children — and judging by one video, the answer is disturbing. Savanah Hernandez is a conservative content creator known for her man-on-the-street series, Sav Says . In a recent installment, Hernandez polled several people about their responses to California’s bill, AB 2223, which has been dubbed the ‘infanticide’ bill. Though so-called fact-checkers have denied that the would legalize infanticide, the fact remains that, as written, the bill shields women and

INCREASING Chemical "Abortions" in South Carolina Bill S628

 By Steve Lefemine - Columbia Christians for Life : Columbia, SC April 28  Re: INCREASING Chemical "Abortions" in SC Bill S628 Human Life begins at Fertilization (Conception), NOT at Implantation (6 - 10 days after fertilization).  Birth Control Pills are Capable of Blocking Implantation, Causing Early CHEMICAL "ABORTIONS".   SO WHAT WILL THE FAKE "PRO-LIFE" [sic] "REPUBLICAN" NEAR SUPER-MAJORITY SC HOUSE DO WITH S628 (now on SC House Calendar), THE INCREASED ACCESS TO PHARMACEUTICAL HUMAN ABORTICIDE BILL ? DO LEGISLATORS UNDERSTAND HOW BIRTH CONTROL PILLS WORK? A vote for S628 is a vote to increase the accessibility of birth control drugs (without a doctor's prescription) which work both as contraceptives and as abortifacients.  A VOTE FOR S628 IS A VOTE TO INCREASE THE NUMBER OF CHEMICAL "ABORTIONS" IN SOUTH CAROLINA.  'CHEMICAL ABORTION' Pastors For Life Easley, SC 1996