Pro-Life Ministries Have Been Caring For Women And Babies For Generations

 By Warren Cole Smith - Posted at Ministry Watch:

OPINION–The idea that pro-lifers don’t care for babies after they are born has been a convenient slander hurled against pro-life Christians. To cite just one example, U.S. Rep. Barney Frank once said pro-lifers believe “life begins at conception and ends at birth.”

The biggest problem with that clever line is that it is simply not true.

More than 2500 pro-life Pregnancy Resource Centers (PRCs) are a compassionate army of staff, donors, and volunteers that number in the hundreds of thousands. They are committed to helping women make life-giving choices, and they often support these women for years after their babies are born. The total amount of money these organizations spend in support of women and babies is not known, but it likely exceeds $1 billion annually.

We should also note that the vast majority of adoptions in this country are done by Christian families and through Christian adoption agencies. MinistryWatch lists 35 such organizations in its database, and we include only the largest ones. Hundreds more local ministries operate out of churches and storefronts around the country. Just the ministries in the MinistryWatch database spend more than $500-million a year on adoption and foster-care related activities.


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