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10 Things You’re Getting Very, Very Wrong About Abortion Ministry

By Kristine H. - Posted at #NotAVictim : If you do not understand these different categories of mothers, you will get ten things very, very wrong about the pro-life movement: 1) You will think Pregnancy Centers and sonogram buses are talking about actively-aborting mothers (the category in red) when they mention their “8 out of 10 saves.” (They are talking more about mothers in the categories toward the far left — saves from POTENTIAL abortions usually). 2) You will think the strategy of those who, by and large, minister to the abortion-VULNERABLE is the same suitable strategy for ministering to the category in red. 3) You will wonder why those who minister to the category of the mothers and fathers in red don’t report the same numbers of “saves” like those who minister to the abortion-vulnerable do. 4) You will mistakenly think that when there is a “save” by someone ministering to the abortion-vulnerable that that was a save from an actively aborting mother. 5) You will listen