Florida students face felony charges for stealing pro-life sign, assaulting police

Pro-abortion students Ian Dinkla (left) and Bryn Taylor (right) are arrested following a scuffle that ensued when a plainclothes detective confronted Dinkla for stealing the pro-life group Created Equal's anti-abortion display. | Screenshot: Facebook/Created Equal (Christian Post)

 By Ryan Foley - Posted at The Christian Post:

Two students at the University of Florida have been arrested and charged with felonies after assaulting police and violently resisting arrest after one stole a pro-life group's display during an authorized on-campus demonstration.

The pro-life advocacy group Created Equal shared video footage from "pro-life outreach" the organization held last Friday at the University of Florida campus in Gainesville on its Facebook page.

The video shows a man in a red sweatshirt grabbing a pro-life sign on display at the campus and transporting it to his car. One of the pro-life students affiliated with Created Equal followed the man after he stole the sign, calling the police and discovering that he had a knife.