Preborn Baby Partially Removed From Womb for Lifesaving Heart Surgery, Then Put Back and Born 10 Weeks Later

 Posted at The Culture Alternative:

It is beyond me how you can argue for abortion up to the time of birth. My only explanation is it is evil. Let us continue to pray for the Way of Life which is the way of Jesus. Thanks be to God for the surgeons who performed this miracle.

Rylan Harrison Drinnon had a malignant tumor on his heart, causing a dangerous buildup of fluid around his heart and other organs that would eventually kill him. Before doctors at Cleveland Clinic could perform a lifesaving surgery to remove the tumor, they had to perform another surgery first. They had to cut him out of his mother’s womb.

“We started seeing signs that the cardiac function was deteriorating. We needed to act quickly and decisively to rescue the fetus,” Dr. Darrell Cass, director of Cleveland Clinic’s Fetal Surgery and Fetal Care Center, said.

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