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National Right to (Some) Life proposes fake "pro-life" [sic] model law which does NOT Establish Justice, and does NOT recognize Creator God-given inherent, unalienable Personhood

National Right to (Some) Life proposes fake “pro-life” [sic] model law which does NOT Establish Justice, and does NOT recognize Creator God-given inherent, unalienable Personhood

NRL’s bill does NOT Establish Justice as God’s Word and the Oaths of Office of officials require:

1) NRL’s fake “pro-life” [sic] bill continues to allow “abortions” to supposedly save the life of the mother.

Note: It is never necessary to intentionally kill the baby to save the mother’s life. Premature delivery is not an “abortion”.

‘No Exceptions’

2) NRL’s bill throws ectopic babies “under the bus”; would allow continued use of the abortifacient drug methotrexate which kills ectopic babies.

3) NRL’s bill does not establish Personhood at fertilization, and so in addition to allowing murder of babies under medically false rationale of “saving the life of the mother”, including killing ectopic babies, NRL’s bill also allows continued use of abortifacient drugs and devices which are incorrectly labelled “contraceptives”, which actually also function to cause chemical “abortions”, accounting for roughly estimated 80% of all actual “abortions”.

4) NRL’s unjust, unbiblical bill implicitly denies the Creator and His Creation by use of the Darwinian Evolution compatible term  “species homo sapiens”.

‘National Right to Life Committee Proposes Legislation to Protect the Unborn Post-Roe’

NRL News
June 15, 2022


NRL is not now, and never has been, grounded in, or faithful to, the Word of God.

Christians, in Jesus’ Name, please STOP following the unbiblical, antichrist, false “leadership” of NRL. Following false leadership leads to destruction (Isaiah 3:12, Isaiah 9:16, KJV).

God says,

“Thou shalt not kill (murder).”

Exodus 20:13, KJV
Columbia, SC

Source: National Right to (Some) Life proposes fake “pro-life” [sic] model law which does NOT Establish Justice, and does NOT recognize Creator God-given inherent, unalienable Personhood – Christians for Personhood


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