A Culture of Death Pushed Back

Source: The Writing on the Wall

By Vicky Kaseorg - Posted at The Writing on the Wall:

It was a hot day, spits of rain making our volunteers scurry for umbrellas. Thus far, we’d had few interactions with the women intent on abortion. That is not to say we were discouraged. Most of us have been out there for years and know that God has the victory when we show up.

We were there.

Sweaty, bedraggled by rain, but there.

Every woman who entered the abortion center heard our gentle pleas to trust God, not changeable circumstances or feelings. Every woman had heard the truth of her baby’s development, and God’s beautiful design, plan, and love for each precious one now in imminent danger. Every woman had been offered help and resources. We knew we had done all we could do and now it was up to that woman and God to alter the day’s outcome.

A van pulled over for one of our counselors. There were several smiling children in the car. The mother of the happy brood rolled down her window and shared an amazing story. Eight years ago, she had come down this road with a very different agenda. She had been headed to the abortion clinic to kill her baby. She didn’t want to do it. Every fiber of her being as a woman and a believer in God screamed against what she was there to do.


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