4 Reasons the Abortion Industry Will Never Accept Abortion Pill Rescue (APR)

Pregnancy Help News

By Kirk Walden - Posted at Pregnancy Help News:

This week, Pregnancy Help News rolled out yet another story of Abortion Pill Rescue (APR). Shashana Hazi is one of more than 750 women now crediting this protocol for saving her child’s life. Yet while the pro-life community celebrates another little boy in this world, the abortion industry turns its nose, calling APR “junk science” and “unproven.”

Friends, it doesn’t matter if APR saves 750, 75,000 or 7.5 million lives. The abortion industry (and its friends) will always try to discredit APR. Here are four reasons why:

#1 Because APR is About Choice

If the abortion industry ever acknowledged the efficacy of APR, it would place them in an untenable position. Currently, the industry monopolizes the word, “Choice.” If they ever admit APR works, it is reasonable to expect any provider of “choice” to share APR information with its clientele. They’ll never do this, so the industry’s only option is to dismiss APR.


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