How Pregnancy Centers Prevent the Exponential Trauma of Abortion, One Conversation at a Time.

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By Susanne Maynes - Posted at Pregnancy Help News:

As we reviewed her pregnancy history, I asked the young woman how she was doing emotionally in terms of her past abortion. Eyes downcast, she shrugged slightly and softly replied, “I did what I had to do.”

She didn’t say, “I’m glad I had the abortion.” She didn’t tell me it made her feel proud, or that it got her life back, or that it made her a better person.

Just, “I did what I had to do.” In other words, she saw no other option. She lacked the hope, vision and resources for any other outcome. She felt trapped and acted accordingly.

Her simple sentence is the most positive statement about a past abortion I’ve heard in ten years of pregnancy center work—and it isn’t very positive at all.

Abortion providers and proponents want us to believe that women are happy about the abortions they have undergone. They’ve been trying to get women to rally and testify that abortion has been a good thing in their lives—a liberating, empowering choice.

I don’t buy it.

I’ve spoken to too many women who deeply regret the decision to end the life of their unborn child. I’ve witnessed the carnage in their souls.


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