Conceived in Rape: A Life Turned to Beauty and Joy

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By Brittany Summers - Posted at Pregnancy Help News:

Babies conceived in rape are no less human and no less valuable than the women who carry them. It is easy for those who have not experienced this horrific ordeal to offer conjecture and opinion about what the fate of the baby should be—which is usually abortion.

Let’s introduce 18-year-old Amy*, a college freshman experiencing a new school, new friends, and the excitement of her entire world ahead of her.

As a pre-law student, she is nervous but excited to pursue her dreams. During Christmas break, Amy’s life would change forever.

Amy was maliciously attacked and raped by two men.

She was never able to identify them. She will never be able to press charges or pursue justice for herself. She didn’t know their faces, their names, or any possible mutual friends.

Amy told her family about how she was raped and ultimately decided to go back to school to continue pursuing her dreams. Soon after getting back into the rhythm of classes, professors and academic schedules, Amy discovered she was pregnant.

Amy did not deserve this.

No one deserves rape.

She did not “ask” for it, “didn’t dress a certain way,” didn’t give any kind of consent.


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