LiveAction: Planned Parenthood infiltrates Utah school district classrooms without parents’ knowledge

 By Cassy Fiona-Chesser

Undercover footage from a Utah school district shows administrative officials boasting about the agenda foisted upon students — including the presence of Planned Parenthood staff in the classrooms — all without parents’ knowledge or consent.

Accuracy in Media released footage recently with Utah public school officials discussing how they manage to get controversial information in front of students without parents knowing. That includes information and advice directly from Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion chain.

Katie Ieremia, Director of Professional Development of Salt Lake City Schools, explained that the schools use a Planned Parenthood curriculum and that Planned Parenthood sends staffers into the schools to talk to students. Parents appear not to be directly informed about it, though Ieremia claims the information is on the website.
“We have a very close relationship with, like, Planned Parenthood, and they come speak in our district all the time,” she said. “So that’s different from the other places you’ve talked to. Other places are like, ‘Planned Parenthood, don’t have them!'”

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