Pro-Life Group Intercepts Box of 115 Aborted Babies, Alleges Crimes by Clinic: 'We Will Not Stay Silent'

 By Michael Foust - Posted at Christian Headlines:

[Christian Headlines] Editor’s Note, April 8, 2022: This article contains graphic descriptions of aborted fetuses that some readers may find upsetting.

A pro-life group that collected the bodies of more than 100 aborted babies from a medical waste box outside a Washington D.C. abortion clinic is urging the police to investigate the facility due to the age of some of the fetuses.

Members of Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising (PAAU) held a press conference Tuesday in Washington, D.C., and said two of its members – founder and executive director Terrisa Bukovinac and director of activism Lauren Handy – were given a box of 115 fetuses on March 25 outside Washington Surgi-Clinic by a truck driver for Curtis Bay Medical Waste Services. The worker, Bukovinac said, was shocked when he was told what was inside the box.

Bukovinac and Handy had approached the man, asking him if they could have one of the two boxes he was collecting.

“He asked, ‘What would you do with them if you took one,’” Bukovinac said. “Lauren said, ‘We will give them a proper burial and a funeral.’ The driver thought for a second and said, ‘okay,’ and gestured towards the box.”