Baby dies after mother given abortion pill by hospital at 30 weeks pregnant, thought she was 12 weeks pregnant

 Posted at Pregnancy Help News:

(NRLC) A tragic reminder of what can happen when abortion-minded women are guessing about how far along in pregnancy they are.

News from England about how a woman took the abortion pill believing she was just 12 weeks pregnant but was actually 30 weeks pregnant. She delivered her very compromised baby—who they named “Ronnie”– who survived only four days after his delivery.

“[T]he mum from East Yorkshire gave birth in a toilet at York Hospital after taking abortion medicine,” James Campbell and Phil Norris reported. “Distressing evidence was heard at the inquest in Hull on Monday with no family present and all evidence was in written form, Hull Live reports.”

The mother had gone to York Hospital on October 26, 2021, where she took the abortion pill. “But scans were either not carried out or were done erroneously. The mum gave birth to the baby in the hospital toilet after taking the drug mifepristone” according to Campbell and Norris’s account.


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