Top 10 Reasons to Say NO to School Health Clinics

 By Linda Harvey - Posted at Mission America:

Schools have one job: academics. Housing, feeding, clothing, college, religious training and health care for children are responsibilities solely in the purview of parents/guardians.

Governor Mike DeWine recently announced nearly $26 million allocated to 136 new or expanded school health clinics in Ohio. He thinks that’s a good thing. This is, by the way, mostly federal money from the Biden administration’s American Rescue Plan.

The $26 million is on top of hundreds of millions DeWine has allocated over recent years for expanded mental health and substance abuse counseling in schools, and we hear that many new school counselors and social workers are being hired in Ohio school districts.

DeWine says the purpose is to support the “whole child.” But that’s not any school’s role.

School-based health clinics are the practical application of the high-risk “social emotional learning” fad and go way beyond the role of the typical school nurse. They are a terrible idea. Here’s why.