Interview with Dianne Pomon (12.08.2006)

Christian Activist Pro-Life News: 'Pray that God will send more laborers' - 'Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep's clothing...' 12.08.06

Volume 4, Issue 42 – December 8, 2006


‘Pray that God will send more laborers’

Dear Friends for Life,

This week’s interview is with Dianne Pomon, the executive director of Genesis Pregnancy Care Center in Pottstown, Pennsylvania. I am very impressed with Dianne’s commitment to sharing the Gospel message without compromise to the clients she ministers to. Dianne is a woman of principle and a blessing to those who she ministers to: women and their preborn babies.

May you also be blessed as you read Dianne’s interview.

For the King,
Angela Wittman, editor


Q: Please tell us how the Lord led you to become the executive director of Genesis Pregnancy Care Center?

DP: A man who was the board chair lived a short distance from us and knew I was serving as the Dir. of another center in Reading, PA and was disturbed at the ecumenical direction we were going. He approached me about the Dir. position in 1992. Previously, I was led into this area of work for a number of reasons. As an RN, I had seen the beauty of the unborn when women miscarried in the ER where I worked. Many times I gazed upon the tiny little baby the woman had lost with awe. I knew that baby was created in the image of God and was precious. I always felt I could relate to the women as they often held the tiny baby and cried. I remember one time, the baby was at least 14 weeks and it fit so perfectly in the palm of my hand. I so wished they had digital cameras back then! In addition, I had worked with a pro-life group in my area (as well as in the area of the hospital where I worked) providing education to the public and referrals to the agency (PCC) nearby the hospital. I had even done some protesting with friends, but was never arrested or anything. I have done very little in that area, but have at least observed women going into clinics and the look on their face when they left. I ultimately took the position of Dir. of the Reading center in about 1990 when it opened at the urging of a good friend. I really felt God leading me in that direction, even though it meant a 50% cut in salary. He provided for our needs in spite of this financial loss. Three months into the position, my older daughter informed me she was pregnant. My first reaction was to resign as Dir., but they encouraged me to stay. After all, what better Dir. could they get than one that was going thru the trauma of a pregnant teen? Later, I discovered that was a wise decision. I think I have been a better Dir., because I can relate to the mothers whose daughters are pregnant. By the way, my little granddaughter accepted the Lord a few years back and is now a beautiful teenager! God knew all the time that this child would give her heart to Him. We never considered abortion, but I often cringe when I hear a mother encouraging her daughter to abort. She has no idea how God will provide and protect that child.

Q: Is Genesis Pregnancy Care Center a Christ centered ministry?

DP: Definitely. All our counselor training materials come from Hope National, Lincoln, DE. It is all firmly Biblically grounded. Our main focus is to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ to clients and to show them the love of Jesus. Secondarily, we desire to see them carry their babies to term and either adopt or parent. We follow up on all clients and encourage them to attend a nearby church and have a personal relationship with Jesus. All volunteers must adhere to our statement of faith and be members of a Bible believing church.

Q: Is emphasis is placed upon sharing Christ with your clients, and how do you tell the women about Jesus Christ and His gift of salvation?

DP: We use a video entitled, "The Good Test." It shows clients through interviews with teens and young adults that they have all broken the Ten Commandments at some time -- no multiple times! -- In their lives. This video presents a clear statement on how to be assured their home in eternity will be heaven. The Client Advisor then goes over the Gospel again -- Christ's birth, ministry, death, resurrection. We let them know they can have a personal relationship with Christ by repenting of their past sins (specifically) through prayer. Then their journey can begin. We give each girl a Bible, tracts, Daily Bread publication, and other booklets that clearly present the Gospel as well as other Biblical truths they need to know as new believers. We offer brief Bible study guides, but most importantly, refer them to good Bible believing churches. We even offer to call the pastor with her name, address, and phone no. so they can call her and invite her to their services.

Q: Approximately how many clients does Genesis PCC minister to on a monthly basis?

DP: We see about 250-350 new clients annually, with additional follow-ups making the total client contact about 1000/year. These contacts can be return visits, phone calls, or notes in the mail. Months vary because we seem to have "down times." Then suddenly, we'll be swamped with clients!

Q: What are some of the services Genesis PCC provides?

DP: We provide free, confidential pregnancy tests, options counseling and education, maternity wear, baby clothing and equipment, baby toiletries, cribs, etc.

Q: How long do you minister to the women in need?

DP: We will see someone as long as they want to be seen. We have many mothers return long after their pregnancy just for material assistance.

Q: Do you also minister to their families?

DP: Yes, as needed. Occasionally boyfriends come in, but generally they are out of the picture to some degree by the time she needs a test. Sometimes the mothers and even dads come in, but this is rare. If the mother comes in, I generally spend time with her one on one. In fact, I have a booklet I share with them that describes my personal experience with my daughter's crisis pregnancy, all Biblically linked.

Q: Please tell us about Genesis Kid's Thrift Shop and how the Lord has used it to bless Genesis PCC.

We started this thrift store as an additional outreach into the community. We often send clients there with 50% off vouchers or free vouchers to get something they need. We feel that if they pay at least something for some of the items they need it is more appreciated. They still receive substantial free items from us. Our goal is to engage some individuals in the store in spiritual discussions. Some seeds have been sown from that location already. Tracts are placed in each bag of items purchased.

Q: How can we pray for you, Genesis PCC and your staff?

Pray that God will send more laborers. We struggle daily with low volunteer staffing. Yet, the girls continue to pour through our doors! We always seem to have financial needs, as we struggle to make ends meet. I am the only paid staff member at this time, so the ministry struggles with more work to do than I can possibly complete. It is difficult wearing so many hats! We currently have a young lady with a child that is a "welfare to work" employee. The state pays her for experience. We hope to minister to her more effectively and to hire her in January. Please pray she will grow spiritually.

Pray for our clients that they will listen to our Gospel message, repent, and have a personal relationship with Christ. Also that they will acknowledge not only their sin, but their need to remain abstinent. Some seem to feel that sex is on the level of food, water, and air! :) Help them to understand the consequences to their actions. Encourage them to choose life rather than death for their unborn children.

You may contact Dianne Pomon at:

Genesis Pregnancy Care Center
888 High St., Pottstown, PA 19464