Hoosiers for Life Promotes Incremental Action

By Amy Schlichter - Posted at Hoosiers for Life:

We support incremental action except with legislation that regulates the murder of babies. Incremental action and incremental legislation is NOT the same thing!

Incrementalism, a strategy of taking little steps forward to achieve a bigger feat, is a common tactic used when a task is deemed too large to handle all at once.

Finding a way to inch towards the goal can be heroic and honorable. Brave men and women throughout time have used incremental action as a way to make a difference in the lives of others.

During the Lincoln Administration people risked their lives and died for freedom, just as they do now. Harriet Tubman was a prime example of this.

Harriet was a determined and fearless woman. She traveled back and forth thousands of miles, mostly on foot, from Canada to the Carolina’s to rescue people from the bondage of slavery.


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