Explanation of Waskom TX Becoming a Sanctuary City

Image Source: Christian News Network

By Rev. Rusty Lee Thomas

In God's Providence, He brought together a visionary, Mark Lee Dickson, a scribe, Jon Speed and a proclaimer to rally a church and city. Together this team worked for a couple of weeks, which the Lord used to set some powerful events in motion that was centered in Waskom, TX. This little city voted on a resolution and ordinance to become a sanctuary city for the preborn.

Since, they voted unanimously, their stand has gone viral. With it, however, are many misconceptions of what is true or not about this line that was crossed in Waskom.

I asked Jon Speed to write about the good, the bad, and the ugly concerning this resolution and ordinance. He did a thorough job. The good that has come from this will be useful for other cities, counties, and states that will seek to be, in truth, sanctuary jurisdictions for the preborn.

I must forewarn you, it is long and filled with legal jargon. I believe Jon Speed gives frank, honest assessments to help understand the strengths and terrible weaknesses of what happened in Waskom and how we can approve in the future.

Just know, from here, we will have a recommended ordinance to help other local governments that are emboldened by what they saw take place in Waskom.

Besides the legal jargon being right, just, and true in our recommended ordinance, the preamble will state that the ordinance will remove all exceptions (Rape, incest, life of the mother), will penalize the woman and all accomplices involved in abortion once the ordinance passes (No retroactive measures), and the city, county or state will not answer to any court.

Here is the document to study. I would encourage all of you to copy and paste it to your computers. It would be good to have on hand as a reference for future abolitionist work.

I realize there are some who pooped poo on what happened in Waskom because we did not get everything we put forth. Please understand that we are bringing principles into a corrupt system that desperately needs to be reformed. To 99 percent of the people we are seeking to convert, these are fresh notions, ideas, and concepts. It will take time and we will all go through a refining process. God willing, we will learn, grow, and become more effective as we move forward.

Here is the document:

If you find any merit, please pass it on in your sphere of influence.


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