'Investigation of pro-"abortion" activist's criminal misconduct against Christian pro-lifer outside Greenville Women's "Clinic" [sic - Child-Murder Center] initiated by SGT with Greenville County Sheriff's Office'

From Columbia Christians for Life:

Greenville, SC
Saturday, Sept 9, 2023

'Investigation of pro-"abortion" activist's criminal misconduct against Christian pro-lifer outside Greenville Women's "Clinic" [sic - Child-Murder Center] initiated by SGT with Greenville County Sheriff's Office'

On Saturday, Sept 9, a SGT with the Greenville County Sheriff's Department began investigating a complaint of criminal misconduct by a pro-"abortion" activist against a pro-lifer exercising his constitutional rights under the First Amendment outside the Greenville Women's "Clinic" [sic - Child-Murder Center] operated by long-term Greenville abortionists (mass-murderers**)

Among the several acts of provocation by one particular heavily-tattoed female pro-"abortion" activist on Sept 9, one of her stunts started by her walking across the street with a megaphone in hand to where a Christian pro-life man was standing on the opposite side of the road from the "abortion" mill. The Christian pro-lifer was peacefully holding a sign which read in part, "Christ Jesus came to save sinners. 1 Timothy 1:15". Not long after the pro-"abortion" activist walked over, and stood closely and directly in front of the Christian man, she put her megaphone loudly on "siren" mode. For a total of at least 10 minutes, oftentimes pointing the megaphone speaker directly at the Christian standing in close proximity, this pro-"abortion" activist blasted her megaphone on "siren".

Thankfully, the Christian was able to use his sign to block at least some of the effect of the disturbing loud noise, while taking video of the incident. Other pro-lifers nearby witnessed the incident as well. Beside the targeted Christian's own video, at least one other Christian pro-lifer's video has been identified to be used as evidence of what occurred. Other videos besides these were also taken.

Eventually, as this aggressive behavior by the female pro-"abortion" activist persisted, the targeted Christian pro-lifer called 911, and a SGT from the Greenville County Sheriff's Office (GCSO) came out and began to do his due diligence; investigating, talking to witnesses, looking at video, and initiating paperwork with an incident case number.

According to this SGT, the matter will be investigated further by a LT with the GCSO. The SGT specifically and explicitly instructed to save the video, which would likely be provided to the investigating LT.

Note: Reportedly, this is definitely not the first time a pro-"abortion" activist has used a megaphone in a provoking and harassing manner against a pro-lifer outside the Greenville "abortion" center on Grove Road (not far from Greenville Memorial Hospital). This pro-"abortion" assault and intimidation because of the exercise of constitutionally-protected rights by pro-lifers is a misdemeanor crime under SC Law [ SC Code Section 16-17-560; see scstatehouse.gov ]. There has been a history of repeated misconduct by pro-"abortion" activists against pro-lifers there outside the Grove Road murder mill, at times creating chaos. When the pro-"abortion" misconduct involves criminal acts, pro-lifers should consider contacting law enforcement.

Here are some prayer requests.

Christians are asked to pray about:

1) This particular set of circumstances around the incidents which occurred on Saturday, Sept 9; and that the GCSO will continue to investigate this matter in a professional manner; and that justice will be served; and the criminal and otherwise intentionally provocative conduct by the pro-"abortion" activists at the Grove Road "abortion" mill will stop; and,

2) Protection for those doing sidewalk counseling along the "abortion" mill driveway, even in close proximity to the unruly pro-"abortion" activists; and,

3) Salvation and repentance from sin for the pro-"abortion" activists, as well as for the decades-long abortionists (mass-murderers**) Terry Buffkin and T.W. Campbell, and their staff; and,

** Who have been enabled to continue committing mass-genocide especially by the voting of 22 pro-"abortion" SC State Senators: 16 D's and 6 R's. [ Including RINO fake "Republicans" Tom Davis, Penry Gustafson, Greg Hembree, Luke Rankin, Sandy Senn, and Katrina Shealy ]

The fake "Republican"-majority SC Legislature (House and Senate) does not even support the SC GOP Party Platform which is a PERSONHOOD Platform. Pray God will Establish Justice, and END (not just "regulate") the unjust killing of children in the womb in South Carolina. Human Life begins at conception/fertilization, NOT at "heartbeat", and NOT at implantation in the uterus.

4) More broadly, about the circumstances and pro-life presence outside the GWC Child-Murder Center generally. The chaos and pro-"abortion" activists' craziness and acts of provocation against pro-lifers needs to stop.

First and foremost, obedient submission to God and His Word on the part of the Christians laboring to maintain a pro-life presence outside the GWC Child-Murder Center on Grove Road (not far from Greenville Memorial Hospital), is the first step to take in combating the antics of the devil's minions outside the GWC.

Doing pro-life ministry is God's work. Yet as important and as praiseworthy as doing God's pro-life work is, it is also important, especially as Christians mature and grow in faith and discipleship, to do God's work, in God's Way, according to God's Word.

In doing so, God receives the glory, and Christian pro-lifers benefit with more full protection of His spiritual armor (Ephesians 6) !

“Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you."
James 4:7, KJV


Steve Lefemine
Christian pro-life, pro-personhood, pro-chastity missionary


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