The Sex Education & SEL (Social and Emotional Learning) Connection

By Linda Harvey - Posted at YouTube:

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Warning to Parents: SEL Brings Obscene Sexuality into Your School
The corrupting “whole child” roadmap for K – 12 students

Parents today are starting to understand that sex education is not what it used to be. Explicit, X-rated lessons promoting reckless, hook-up relationships are being delivered to students as early as middle school through “comprehensive sex education (CSE).” To their horror, parents are discovering that some schools launch such programs and still maintain that these are abstinence-focused when the actual goal of CSE’s abortion-friendly lessons is to lead children into a comfortable view of risky sexual conduct and even gender confusion.

“It’s not a big deal. I can manage this as long as I have condoms or contraceptives for protection,” is the CSE takeaway for most students. “And besides, I’ve learned that it’s my right to know all this and make my own decisions.” At age 11 or 12....

Wait—where did that idea come from? The “sexual rights” of your pre-teen?

Social emotional learning—SEL—is where this idea is planted and takes root. And the symbiotic links between SEL and CSE and the rotten fruits that result are just beginning to be uncovered by enterprising researchers.


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