IVF resolution is SBC’s ‘first step’ in reproductive technology discussion

By David Roach - Posted at Baptist Press:

Published June 12, 2024

IVF (a technology that combines an egg and sperm in a laboratory then implants the resulting embryo in a woman’s womb) “routinely generates more embryos than can be safely implanted,” “most often participates in the destruction of embryonic human life” and has generated 1-1.5 million unborn children currently stored in cryogenic freezers in the U.S., “with most unquestionably destined for eventual destruction,” according to the resolution.

INDIANAPOLIS (BP) – SBC messengers spoke to in vitro fertilization (IVF) for the first time June 12, adopting a resolution on the topic after a sometimes-emotional floor discussion that featured messengers sharing their personal experiences with reproductive technologies.

Over a series of Resolutions Committee reports spanning two days at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis, messengers also adopted resolutions on the conflict between Israel and Hamas, religious liberty, parental rights, just war theory and integrity in SBC leadership among other topics. Twenty-seven resolutions were submitted to the Resolutions Committee, which produced 10 for messenger consideration. Eight of those were adopted before the time allotted for resolutions expired.

The two resolutions not considered by messengers dealt with “the pro-life ethic in a post-Roe society” and “the danger of abusing non-disclosure and non-disparagement agreements.”

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