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South Carolina: (The State) Personhood Bill vs. Dismemberment Bill

Christiansfor Personhood ( CP )
Columbia, South Carolina
March 18, 2018

The State ( Columbia, SC ), March 16, 2018 ( online) / March 18, 2018 (print):

Personhood Bill vs. Dismemberment Bill

‘With 2 options in SC Legislature, activists split on best way to stop abortion’
March 16, 2018
Updated March 18, 2018


From Christians for Personhood:

Personhood Bill vs. Dismemberment Bill

In order listed in the online article in The State:

1) Holly Gatling, SC Citizens for Life (SC chapter of National Right to Life): lobbying for “dismemberment bill” / H.3548;

2) Steve Lefemine, Christians for Personhood: lobbying for Personhood bill / S.217; opposes H.3548;

3) Dr Oran Smith (PhD), Palmetto Family Council: opposes Personhood bill / S.217; supports incremental bills regulating child-murder / e.g., H.3548;

4) Dr Matthew Clark (MD), Personhood …
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Posted at Operation Save America:

Here it is folks. The video we promised called Defending the Indefensible has been released. Please like and share. Our court trial is April 9th, and we need this video to go viral so our nation will have a visual aid to connect the dots of what happens when a government defends the indefensible, when a culture calls good, evil and evil, good, and when our Supreme Court under the color of law unleashes lawlessness upon the land. Thanks!

Facebook link:

Where will you draw the line?

I saw this meme on Facebook this morning...

Friends, where will you draw the line for this holocaust of the preborn? It happens everyday here in America and many just turn a blind eye or "sing a little louder" to muffle the cries of the preborn as they are led to the slaughter.

Planned Parenthood Rakes in Taxpayer Dollars

By Tony Perkins - Posted at The Daily Signal:

Breaking the law doesn’t help your chances for earning federal dollars—but apparently, it doesn’t hurt them either. If there’s one thing Planned Parenthood’s learned over the last few years, it’s that crime does pay. A lot, according to the Government Accountability Office.

Despite piles of evidence (some of it from the group’s own mouth) that Cecile Richards’ group was illegally selling baby body parts (after performing equally illegal late-term abortions), a new report shows the wrongdoing hasn’t made the slightest dent in its taxpayer-funded gravy train—at least on the federal level.

On the contrary, GAO officials found, being referred for criminal prosecution didn’t result in so much as a financial blip for Richards and company. Between 2013 and 2015, Planned Parenthood, its international affiliates, and Marie Stopes International dug deep into taxpayers’ pockets, banking a whopping $1.5 billion from federal and state programs like Med…

Ireland: 'Anti-abortion activists stage massive march in Dublin'

By Sheetal Sukhija - Posted at Dublin News:
Tens of thousands of anti-abortion activists marched through DublinThe activists demanded the retention of Ireland’s restrictive laws on terminationsThe 'Save the Eighth' rally came days after thousands of pro-choice campaigners held a similar demo
DUBLIN, Ireland - Dublin witnessed a mass demonstration involving tens of thousands of anti-abortion activists, calling for the Eighth Amendment to be retained on Saturday.

The anti-abortion activists marched through Dublin in what they called the “Save the Eight” rally, which comes days after thousands of pro-choice campaigners held a similar demo in the Irish capital.

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Basic Bioethics: What Christians should know about abortifacients

By Joe Carter - Posted at ERLC

What is an abortifacient?

An abortifacient is a chemical or drug that causes embryonic death by either killing the child directly or by preventing implantation in the uterine lining of the embryonic child. The term abortifacient means “that which will cause a miscarriage” (derived from the Latin abortus (miscarriage) and faciens (making).
How do abortifacients differ from contraceptives?

The purpose of contraceptives is to prevent conception (hence the term “contra”— against—conception). The scientific understanding of contraception is that it occurs at fertilization. The historical meaning of contraceptive—and the one still used by pro-lifers—is methods that prevent fertilization.

However, in 1972 the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists change the definition of conception to mean implantation of the embryo into the wall of the mother’s uterus. As physician Meghan Best explains, under the new definition, any device that prevented the embryo …

Pro-life advocate talks about being saved from abortion

By Devin Edgar - Posted at The Dispatch:

In 1981, Christina Bennett's mother walked into a Connecticut abortion clinic, with plans to undergo the procedure.

She had even paid for the procedure when a clinic custodian approached her in the waiting room.

"The custodian told her that 'God would grant her the strength to have this baby,'" Bennett told an audience gathered Tuesday in the Old Main Academic Center auditorium. "So, she walked out of the clinic and the rest is history. And now, here I am.

"I would have been dismembered, thrown into the trash and completely erased from history," she added. "So, people can say that it is a choice to get an abortion, but it is a violent one."Continue reading...