SC Senate 'Abortion' Bills battle, May 1 - 4, 2018 - Report #1

Christians for Personhood ( CP )
Columbia, South Carolina
May 6, 2018

[ Report sent initially by text Fri, May 4, 2018 ]

SC Senate 'Abortion' Bills battle, May 1 - 4 - Report #1:

Personhood Bill S217 vs Hutto "Hyde-Amdt"-type fake "pro-life" replacement amdt to H3548 vs SCCL's euthanasia Dismemberment Bill H3548.

/// There is far too much to cover in one text all that occurred between about 5:30pm Tues May 1 when debate started on Dismemberment Bill H3548 (Special Order), and sometime before 1am this morning Fri May 4 when Republican super-majority Senate voted to kill / Recommit back to Med Aff Comm, the Hutto "Hyde-Amdt"-type fake "pro-life" replacement amdt language which had supplanted the euthanasia Dismemberment Bill language, making H3548 now a much different bill, though not a Personhood / true "pro-life" bill either.

/// This Hutto / Hyde amended replacement version of H3548 did NOT establish Personhood, and had several child-murder "exceptions" for rape, incest, life and serious health risk of mother.

/// The Dem's began their filibuster about 2:20pm Thurs May 3, and four cloture votes were taken over the next 10 hours or so, with these results (lesser of 26 votes or 3/5 of those present and voting needed for cloture): Cloture #1: 23 Y - 22 N; Cloture #2: 24 Y - 21 N; Cloture #3: 24 Y - 21 N; Cloture #4: 25 Y - 20 N.

/// So Cloture vote #4 was just ONE vote short of the required 26. And in Cloture vote #4, RINO's Leatherman (Florence) and Rankin (Horry) again joined the 18 Dem's to block cloture.

/// After Cloture vote #4 (25 Y - 20 N) failed by just ONE vote from getting the needed 26 votes because RINO Senate President Pro Tem / Finance Comm Chair Leatherman and RINO Senate Judiciary Comm Chair Rankin both voted NO to cloture, then Hutto moved to kill / Recommit H3548 back to Med Aff Comm, which passed, 24 Y - 21 N. Joining the 18 Dem's were: Campsen (Charleston), Gregory (Lancaster), Leatherman (Florence), Massey (Edgefield), Rankin (Horry), and Shealy (Lexington)

/// More to come...

/// Senate Journal (5/3/18) -


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