Gov. Andrew Cuomo - Source: Wikipedia

Posted at Mann's Word:

New York Democrat Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced a new “public awareness” campaign to promote abortion centers and to expose pro-life “misinformation.”

"While the federal government wages war on women's reproductive rights, New York will fight back to protect women's access to comprehensive, safe and affordable health care," Cuomo declared. "In New York, we refuse to let President Trump and Washington take us backwards and jeopardize the rights of New Yorkers. We are launching this public awareness campaign to combat the insidious spread of misleading, medically inaccurate information about reproductive health and to ensure all New York women know the options they are legally entitled to."

Hmm? I hadn’t realized that the Fed had been waging a war on woman’s reproductive rights. As far as I was aware, women can still buy pregnancy blocking drugs, devices, and services. No one is prohibiting women from exercising these rights. Nor have I heard that the Fed has any initiative planned to stop women from reproducing. Instead, it seems that if anyone is stopping women from reproducing, it is the women themselves – no assistance needed from the Fed.