FDA shock: Abortion pill caused 22 deaths and a thousand hospitalizations

By Carole Novielli - Posted at Live Action News:

At least 22 women have died after taking the abortion pill regimen, RU-486, and many others have experienced serious complications, according to updated data from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). While abortion — and specifically, medication abortion — is sold to women as “safe,” there can be serious and life threatening complications from the abortion pill, as noted by the pills’ manufacturer, Danco. Although Danco is required to report any death associated with Mifeprex, women experiencing complications, various factors — such as not returning to the abortion provider or not reporting use of the drug to emergency personnel — may cause these numbers to seem lower than they actually are.

The abortion lobby is pushing for easy access to the abortion pill on college campuses and some are even calling for it to be approved for home use. No doubt, we may never know how many women suffer serious complications or succumb to death from the abortion pill if this happens. Clearly, according to its manufacturer, there are serious risks:

RU486 abortion pill serious complications (Image credit: DANCO)


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