Christians for Life and Liberty Witnessing Opportunity at SC State House - January 11, 2020

Witnessing opportunity unto Christ (Acts 1:8, kjv), and to Roman Catholics and ecumenical Protestants:

January 11, 2020

SC State House
Meet on Gervais Street sidewalk in front of Confed. Soldier Monument at 11:00 am

(Street parking is free downtown on Saturday)

Gospel tracts will be provided, or bring your own, particularly if you have literature especially for Roman Catholics, or literature on Biblical Separation for ecumenical Protestants

This witnessing opportunity from the public sidewalk, to the many Roman Catholic participants, and to the ecumenical Protestant participants, in the Romish/ecumenical SC Citizens for Life march and rally, is First Amendment protected, legal activity. Notice has been given to the Columbia Police Dept.

For an idea of what took place at last year's Jan 2019 march and rally, see the photos in the Report at the link below:


[ This Report posted on the CCL/CLL website ( ) on 'News 2011-2020' page ]


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