Abortion Rites by Kendra (Wilcox) Thomas

How Feminist Spirituality is Re-framing the Abortion Debate


Foreword 9 
Preface 11 

Part I: Feminist Spirituality 

1. The Seduction of Eve 
The Goddess Butcher 
Do-it-Yourself Spirituality Kits 
Eve: Mother of All Living 
Father of Lies

2. The Rise of Women 
Heroine of Disobedience 
Biting the Apple 
Women’s Liberation? 

3. Ritualized Sex 
God’s Love for Women 
“Lady of the Beasts” 
Carnal Knowledge 
Altar of the Goddess 

Part II: Abortion Rites 

4. Whetting the Knife 
The Power of a Priestess 
Circle of Life 
Nothing New Under the Sun 
God Hates Abortion 

5. Goddess of Blood Sacrifice 
Invoking the Goddess 
The Holy Abortionist 
Abortion Rituals 
Manasseh’s Example 

6. The New Morality 
Filling the Moral Void 
Reframing the Debate 
A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing: Naomi’s “Acts of Redemption” 
National Coalition of Abortion Providers (Oops, I meant Providers) 
Abortion Leaders: Waiting to Exhale 
Planned Parenthood’s Religious Right 
Lying Prophetesses 

7. A Call to Repentance 
The Church’s Responsibility: Watchmen, What of the Night? 
Tent of Sacrifice 
The Missing Church

(369 pages)

* Editor's Note: This book is a must read for those engaging the wicked at the "gates of hell" for the souls of men, women and the lives of the preborn. Please be aware of the spiritual battle you're waging on behalf of the preborn who are being slaughtered all across America. - AW


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